What Real Men Think of Family Portraits: Dad Series Part 2

Guest: Tommy Stapley

President | Treehouse Communities
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: May 11, 2023

In my opinion, the greatest compliment a man can receive is that he is a family man. And that is certainly true of today’s guest, Tommy Stapley, who is our guest for Part 2 of our Dad Series: What Real Men Think of Family Portraits.

Tommy Stapley is a real estate developer by trade, but a dad and family man at heart. This has made him an absolute lover of family portraits. Not only that, but he has also become an ambassador for ATJ! Many clients have booked sessions based solely on his recommendation.

In our effort to continue answering the question: “How do you get dads on board for family portraits?” You’ll get so many good ideas from Tommy because he is 100% on board every time and in this episode you’ll hear what he has to say about why family portraits are important to him.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How preparation can make all the difference
  • The impact of a gallery wall in your home
  • What is important to dads when it comes to family portraits

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:11] – Tommy shares what he does as a real estate developer.
  • [03:39] – Even when he’s not as excited about photos as his wife, Tommy is always on board because it is something important to her.
  • [05:24] – Growing up, family portraits weren’t on the wall.
  • [06:24] – Tommy’s wife was prepping him for years in going to ATJ for the more expensive artwork she wanted. He describes the experience.
  • [07:37] – The preparation Allison did for the session made the experience fun and personal.
  • [09:03] – Tommy doesn’t miss a year for portraits, but doesn’t always work exclusively with ATJ. They like the variety and use ATJ for milestone artwork.
  • [11:49] – Their gallery wall is a conversation piece in the home that everyone is drawn to.
  • [13:06] – Tommy shares the story of a friend who he “gave the hard sell” to.
  • [14:38] – Women are typically sold to through their emotions, but ATJ doesn’t like to work that way.
  • [15:49] – The impact is hard to describe, but family portraits have been and will continue to be very important to Tommy and his family.

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