Hi, I’m Allison Tyler Jones

I’ve been a portrait photographer for 16 years, creating unforgettable
portrait wall art for loyal clients who return to our studio year after year.

In short, I’ve built a sustainable business doing what I love for clients I love.

I’ve also spent the last 12 years speaking, teaching and inspiring portrait photographers around the world to create their own businesses based on their unique strengths while creating value for their clients.

After many requests and not-a-little FEAR, I’ve chosen to venture into the education world in order to help you and other portrait photographers transform your businesses by learning the action steps needed to:

  • Uniquely Brand Your Business
  • Profitably Price Your Products
  • Confidently Sell Your Work
  • Create an Unforgettable Client Experience

We will achieve these big goals together by
ReWorking every inch of your business.

Are you ready to Do The ReWork?

Download one of my most-used guides and cheat sheets that we use in our studio every day.



As a serial entrepreneur, Allison’s boutique portrait studio is the second successful business she has created through hard work, clear vision and a willingness to ReWork everything.

A popular speaker, author, educator and mentor, ATJ has inspired thousands of photographers to pursue their own unique vision and create profitable businesses of their own.

She is proof-positive that you don’t need an MBA to create a thriving business that can support a family and a life you love.

The ReWork with ATJ


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