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Allison Tyler Jones: Hi friends, and welcome back to The ReWork. It can be so difficult to find confidence in yourself, in your business, in your business plan, in trying to move forward with your dreams and today’s guest is no stranger to digging deep to find that confidence. Tania Gaylor from Adelaide Australia is joining us in the podcast studio today. She is one of our most treasured Mind Shift members in our membership group and she is going to share with you some of the things that she has done throughout the years in her 15 years of being a portrait photographer and how she has found that confidence to make big changes in her business. To do things that have been very scary and to navigate incredible challenges in her life. I know that you’re going to find her story fascinating as well as inspiring. Let’s do it. All right. Well, today I’d love to welcome to the podcast Ms Tania Gaylor and she is a member of our Mind Shift Membership group from Adelaide Australia. So she’s got the most amazing accent. She doesn’t think she has an accent, but you do.

Tania Gaylor: No, you’ve got the accent.

Allison Tyler Jones: That’s true. So welcome, Tanya. I’m so glad and grateful that you made the time for us today.

Tania Gaylor: Thanks, Allison. It’s been great to be here.

Allison Tyler Jones: Thank you. So I would love for you to give our listeners just a brief introduction of yourself, your business, how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing. What it is that you’re doing, whatever you’d like us to know.

Tania Gaylor: Sure. Okay. So I’m Tania Gaylor, I live in Adelaide South Australia. I’ve been running my photography business probably for about 15 years or more. I’ve been a photographer for about 35 years. So well seasoned, started off with film, progressed through to digital and haven’t looked back since, so yeah. I predominantly photograph family portraits and still love doing that till this day and just love working with the people that I work with. So yeah, I’ve just come off about… I’m only just getting back into work really after about an eight month break. Because I don’t know, I actually lost my husband at the start of the year to cancer and so things have been a bit hard. So I kind of stepped away from the business when he got really sick and just having this business has been a blessing to be quite honest. Because I just took work with the most wonderful people who were so understanding. I just had to drop everything basically and just care for him and then just had to take that time off after he did pass away and everyone was just so understanding.

Tania Gaylor: So I mean, I got the shoots that I needed to do done before everything got too hectic and it was probably about six months after that I started showing people their photographs again.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. But they’re all amazing people and just yeah-

Allison Tyler Jones: It’s such a blessing really isn’t it?

Tania Gaylor: It is. It’s only just been recently that I’ve started tapping into some of my past clients who were wanting to have some photographs taken. So I’ve kind of eased myself back into it just over the last month or so and it was only yesterday where I started reaching out to people again who have been waiting for me to get back into photographing. To start getting them booked in on the calendar and that seems to be flowing quite nicely as well. So it’s only just yesterday that I started reaching out just letting them know that I’m going to be opening up the books to the public again start of August.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah.

Tania Gaylor: And it’s going to probably be quite hectic between now and Christmas time.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. They’ve been waiting for you. Yeah. Which is such a testament to the kind of person that you are and that long term business relationship that they don’t want anybody else photograph their family but you which it’s amazing.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, it is. Yes.

Allison Tyler Jones: And you have children?

Tania Gaylor: Yes I do. Yes. I’ve got two, they’re adult children now. So my son turns 21 next month and I’ve got a daughter who’s 19 as well. So yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: I love that. Good ages, I love that.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: We’re on Zoom even though this isn’t video for our podcast listeners, but it is summer in the US but I’m looking at your fire behind you. So it’s chilly down in Australia, so it’s always nice to see your beautiful fire in the background.

Tania Gaylor: Yes. No, it has been pretty chilly.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yes.

Tania Gaylor: It’s not as cold as it can get over in some parts of the world, but yes but it has-

Allison Tyler Jones: Cold for you.

Tania Gaylor: Yes.

Allison Tyler Jones: Well, why I wanted to have you on the podcast is that I wanted to just talk about, you’re one of the founding members of the Art of Selling Art course and then you’re also one of the founding members of our Mind Shift Membership. You’ve been such a light and a ray of sunshine to our community and a wealth of experience and knowledge. So I wanted to talk about maybe something that has been a struggle for you in your business. You’re just getting back, going again after this hard time in your life. So we have a question that we’re asking our students that are going to be on this podcast is, that if you had a genie that could grant you one wish for your business what would that be? What area do you feel like you’re needing help with right now?

Tania Gaylor: Okay. Okay. So, I’d say it was a pretty tough one. Okay. So if I had a genie and the one wish, it would probably be to have a steady flow of clients who know and value what I do and know that the minimum spend is probably going to be at least around about $15,000 and more.

Allison Tyler Jones: OK. So steady flow of clients who know and value what you do and at an average of 15,000 or more.

Tania Gaylor: Yep.

Allison Tyler Jones: Each. Okay. That’s amazing, love that. Okay. So does that feel doable for you?

Tania Gaylor: Yes.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay.

Tania Gaylor: Absolutely, yeah. I already have some clients who do spend that amount, but yes it’s just not a consistent flow at the moment.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay. To me, you say your first day back you’re getting on the phone and calling people. I think that’s… You I love that because that’s how we market. That’s how we get our clients booked, is just to let them know, hey we’re back and you have first dibs on the calendar and let’s get you in. What do you think you could do today to start that steady flow of those good clients?

Tania Gaylor: Okay. Well ideally… I hate marketing.

Allison Tyler Jones: I know. Totally.

Tania Gaylor: Just one of the worst things that I could do. Yeah. But ideally I’d love to have somebody on board who could do that. But I’ve been trying to process it in my mind for a long time now that working from home… Because I actually run my business from home and I don’t particularly want to have somebody here consistently in my home helping with business. I actually would ideally like them to work remotely and run their own business from their own home promoting my business for me and actually finding the clients, bringing them in and then connecting me with those people. So I’ve been trying to process that in my mind with how I could do that, still trying to process that. So I ideally that’s what I’d love to do.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay.

Tania Gaylor: In the meantime I suppose probably connecting with people is what I’m doing. Just what I started doing yesterday is just picking up the phone or texting or emailing and just saying, okay I’m back on board again. I’ve been reaching out to the people that I photographed in the past who have already spent that amount of money or close to and ready to update their photograph. So that’s what I’m doing immediately, but yeah in the long term plan it would be nice to have somebody else do it for me.

Allison Tyler Jones: Sure. Yes. So really that person wouldn’t have to necessarily even be a marketing person. It could just be a person that’s good on the phone and has a nice voice or personality and that could help you even really with your scheduling in a way. If you were able to talk with them and kind of get that figured out, especially after 15 years in business. One of the benefits that we have I think when you have a longer term business, is that database that you can work on. Now, not all of those clients that you’ve shot for all 15 years have been the best. Because obviously you were charging less at earlier time or whatever, you had different types of roles for your business. But I think what you’re doing that’s exactly what I would do. For me, that’s the first place that you would go. I know when Ivan, my husband first came into our business and it was still recession ish times and I was like, okay we need to do this mini session or we need to do this thing. We’ve got to put it up on Facebook.

Allison Tyler Jones: We’ve got to put it out there. We’ve got to get marketing and he’s like, “Well why don’t you call the people that you want to have first?”

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: Call the people that deserve to get a deal or that have already been here and then if there’s any spots left then open it up and I don’t know why this was just a revelation to me. But I’m like, oh yeah and it was so much better. We never even actually had to open it to the public. It was way better just to do it with our existing clients.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. Well, I’ve been doing this ever since I joined the ReWork with you. Because again, that was just something that I wouldn’t do it was always finding new clients.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah.

Tania Gaylor: And Facebook wasn’t something for me, I hated Facebook.

Allison Tyler Jones: So do I.

Tania Gaylor: And I never found the right client through Facebook and every other marketing guru out there would always say, you got to get onto social media, you got to do this, you got to do that and it just never sat right with me and you just spoke my language when I started with you. Its like, okay, it’s okay not to use social media for marketing and then you suggested to actually just get in touch with your number ones and your number twos and then your number threes after that and go from there. And that’s just been a blessing in disguise and that’s probably what’s got me through over the last year to be quite honest.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah.

Tania Gaylor: To actually still keep a bit of an income coming and even though I was going through such a tough time with my husband.

Allison Tyler Jones: Right. Yeah. When you’re able to weather really hard things by having flexibility in your schedule and you think, oh my gosh if I had worked a regular job or corporate job or something like that. You couldn’t have done that, it just-

Tania Gaylor: No, there’s no way. I mean, we had such special moments together with the whole family. I mean even the kids took time off work and stuff like that and my son was actually traveling at the time. So he came home at the right time and we were all able to have that quality time together and this is probably the first time in my working life, that I’ve actually just been able to just stop and do nothing.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. Right.

Tania Gaylor: And the business allowed me to do that and knowing… And I haven’t been scared in wondering am I going to be able to get my business up and going again? I knew that there were people there waiting for me when I was ready to actually get up and going again.

Allison Tyler Jones: I love that. Well, and I think your confidence in that just looking at the comments that you make on our Facebook group and the conversations that we’ve had on our life Q and As and masterclass and that sort of thing. Your confidence is not in that you think you’re some great photographer. Your confidence is in knowing the value that you bring your clients.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: Can you speak to that a little bit?

Tania Gaylor: Okay. Yeah, it really is just believing in what you do and just I love what I do for the people and I love the way they feel throughout the whole process. They’re blown away that I actually help them work out what to wear, where their photographs are going to live and all that kind of stuff prior to any photographs being taken. Again, that’s a testament to the ReWork because it was always a little bit… Even though I was doing it in the past with all the planning sessions and everything, there was still a little bit of doubt with what they wanted or the doubt was in their mind with what they wanted before any photographs were taken. Had a bit of a rough idea of what they could spend, but we never got into detail of oka, we’re going to take this photograph to live on this wall. We’re going to take this photograph to be in an album, etc. So I’ve kind of lost my train of thought.

Allison Tyler Jones: Well, what you’re describing is that before you talked about those things but it sounded like it was kind of left open ended and you’re leaving it to them like, well whatever it is that you want. But the taking the Art of Selling Art, I just saw you as you came through that you stepped more into that role of that expert and that trusted advisor. To say, well this is what I think you should do and these are things that could be done. How do you feel about that? And then getting those kind of nailed down before you actually photograph.

Tania Gaylor: Right, from the get go. Yes.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah.

Tania Gaylor: Yes. That’s what I wasn’t doing prior and once I started doing that, that confidence probably even excelled more within me. I mean, I always had the confidence beforehand because I just loved making those people feel wonderful and I was getting enough clients who were valuing what I did and would pay that as well. But since doing it your way and actually nailing down right from the get go that confidence excelled even more. Just even when I met with one of my clients just recently, I’d photographed their family twice before. Both times were probably prior to you, both significant orders prior to. But this last one she had a gallery on her wall and the plan right from the start was we’re going to expand over the years. So we did one session where it was smaller, we expanded on that in the second session, then the third session I actually went in there and just showed her exactly what size photographs should be on the wall, where they would go and then we planned, okay family photograph in a vertical position was going to go here. The individual children were going to go here.

Tania Gaylor: Another small family photograph would go there, etc and we nailed that down and then she was wanting all these other different variations of photographs. Like the father with the children, etc, etc. All the different breakout groups and then I said to her, well do you know where you want these photographs to live? Are you wanting to have another album this year? And then I mentioned, because my pricing had gone up significantly in albums. Because I wasn’t charging anywhere near as much as I probably should have prior. So my albums had pretty much doubled since last time I had served her. So I mentioned that to her, that the albums start from this amount and go up from there and I said, “Is an album something you want to do this year?” And I said, “So just think about that. You don’t have to let me know now, you can let me know on the day of shoot.” So initially the framed portraits were going to be something about… I think it was about $6,000 and then the album was going to be another two, $3,000 on top.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. So she stopped and thought about it and then she was asking, ‘Well, can we just take photographs and we decide after that.” And I said, “Well, there’s no…” Because her children were little bit naughty which is fine, I mean I love that and her husband is always conscious about time and stuff like that as well. So I said, there’s no point putting everybody under that stress of getting all these extra photographs if there’s nowhere for them to live. So then she got back to me and she said, “Yeah. Okay, yes we do want the album.” So all of that was all decided upfront.

Allison Tyler Jones: I love that. Okay, so I want to stop you because that is amazing. I’m getting chills, I love it that you did all of those things. But basically what you did is you just… So she said the things that all clients say, what are we doing? You didn’t say what do you think we should do? You went and said, okay this is what I think we should do. This is going to be vertical, we’re going to do this here. We’re going to do this here and then she got excited and said, okay well and then we could do this and this and this and then you said absolutely. Is that going to go on the wall or are we going to create an album? And she’s like, well… Says what every client says. Can’t we just take it and we’ll decide later and we all know that doesn’t happen and you know her husband is… I’m just repeating what you just said.

Allison Tyler Jones: But I think it’s important to call it out is that you kind of slowed the whole thing down and put those speed bumps in and said let’s really decide if this is really what you want to do and then it makes them think, oh you’re right. My husband is always a freak about time and we don’t want to chase everybody around it, but you know what? I really do want an album. So once they’ve committed to that then you know that you can run that shoot in that way and get all of that stuff done.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: So well done. Clever girl.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. No, well thank you to you. I wouldn’t have done it the other way otherwise. Yeah. No, it’s great.

Allison Tyler Jones: If you’re looking for a way to attract better clients I have a free masterclass coming up very, very soon and it’s called Four Mind Shifts to Attract Better Clients. It’s the behind the scenes secrets that we use to create a profitable portrait business built around your unique style and your very best clients without working around the clock or having to market like an insane person. We have three different dates for you to pick from and I would love to see you there. In this class you’re going to learn about the major mind shift that all successful portrait photographers must make in order to drill down on what you do best. How to innovate by ignoring the competition and focusing on what you do best. How to simplify to sell more, a clear way to talk about your work that will educate your clients instead of selling them and the most simple and effective marketing strategy that costs no money and will have your clients buzzing about you to their friends.

Allison Tyler Jones: This masterclass is absolutely free and I would love to see you there. Just go to and sign up for the time and date that works best for you. That’s Don’t miss it. 

Allison Tyler Jones: Were you ever afraid when you kind of first started doing the consultations that way? Did you ever feel like you were being too bossy or did it just feel natural to you?

Tania Gaylor: No. No, it just felt natural. It was exactly the way it was meant to be.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay. I love it.

Tania Gaylor: It was that piece of the puzzle that was missing out of my process that I really, really needed. Yeah. No, it was ideal.

Allison Tyler Jones: Love it. Well, just like everybody has ideal clients for your portrait business. We have ideal clients for an education business as well and you would definitely fit within that. It’s like you have a clientele, you’ve been doing this for a while and you have a process. You’re convinced of finished product, but you know that maybe there’s a few things that have just need a little bit of polishing or maybe a little bit of tweaking. But congratulations to you because not everybody that hears something or learns something executes on that plan.

Tania Gaylor: Yep. Because once I did your course I mentioned it to a few other photographers as well and just raved on and said, look you just need this step in your process. You’re nearly there. I said, you need to just follow and understand this and yeah it just blew me away. So yeah, convinced a few other photographers that’s definitely the way to do it.

Allison Tyler Jones: Oh, I love it.

Tania Gaylor: Just do that final tweaking. Yeah, it really did boost my confidence. Even though I had the confidence beforehand, it did boost my confidence even more after.

Allison Tyler Jones: Well, and I think after you’ve been in for a while it’s just like with the art of photography itself. You realize that once you reach a certain point that it’s nuance, it’s very small little tweaks that make huge differences rather than like, oh I learned how to light today. You’re not making these huge leaps. It’s like the huge leaps are actually made in very, very small… The way that you say something or the confidence that you have or the value that you’re placing on that in your own mind, which you’re such a good example for that. So the next question that I would ask you and maybe we just answered it. That, do you feel like that was the thing that you learned in the Art of Selling Art course that helped you the most? Or was there anything else that you felt like was really valuable?

Tania Gaylor: There were lots of things that were very valuable. The other thing aside from getting the planning session, right? Is just keeping things concise. Again, in other courses that I’ve done and they’ve been great but they were also… Went down the path of needing to convince people that they needed me and I’ve never been a convincer. If they don’t want what I do that’s fine.

Allison Tyler Jones: Right.

Tania Gaylor: I don’t want to have to beg and plead and convince you that this is what you need to do, I’m who you need. If it wasn’t what they were after that’s fine.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. The whole idea of coercion is not pleasant for me.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. Yeah, same here. The main thing that I got out of that was your client form but that one paragraph that you have on there is just bold. It just keeps things very, very concise and I’ve always been one to kind of just hover my way through things and just say too much of nothing and not get any message across.

Allison Tyler Jones: I find that hard to believe.

Tania Gaylor: Yes. That paragraph in your client from just explaining what I do. I specialize in product and meaning fine art for your walls and custom designed albums, simple as that and then obviously you go into a little bit more detail. Like the sessions are broken down into three appointments and you go into all those details and explain what you do and it’s gold.

Allison Tyler Jones: I am so glad that you found it helpful. But I do think you make a good point in that when we’re nervous and we don’t want to be a salesy, coercive jerk. We can say a whole lot of nothing, right? We can get into this like, oh and then it’s so great and then I love your kids and then we can dress them in dresses and then we can run in the field and it’ll be so great and you’re just overwhelming them rather than… And in a way even though we don’t want to be coercive. That in a way is sounding a little needy or a little too I don’t know what the word you would use there. But when you know who you are and you know okay this is what we’re doing, is that sound good to you? And it sounds so basic, but for some reason we as creatives have a really hard time with that. Because we like we just want everyone to love us. We want to book every single person that calls and it’s like not everybody wants that.

Allison Tyler Jones: Some people want you to photograph their tree in their backyard, people call with the weirdest requests right? But that doesn’t mean that we want to book everybody. We want to book like you said the steady flow of customers who know and value what I do. I think that’s such a great goal and so when you look at that, when you break that down really honestly Tania it’s so good. Steady flow. Okay, so how do we get steady? And then customers who know and value. So the know and value is… Well you already have clients that know and value what you do. So right now your first line of getting back into this business after you’ve been out for a while is to talk to those people who already know and value you.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: And bring them in and you already know that’s going to give you the steady stream now until the fall. Then as it gets a little bit, whatever time of year tends to be slower for you then you can start to brainstorm and think, okay how do I want to market to where I need to? Because we all need existing but we also need to bring in new because we want to keep the pipeline going. So then that might be not Facebook for you, that might be an Instagram and that might be doing it in a way that’s really true for you. That doesn’t feel like weird and influencer [inaudible 00:23:52] that’s so not your thing or mine. Yeah, totally. But that’s for next year, that’s 2023. We’ll have the social media conversation. So I love that. I love that you have taken those things and shared those things. So do you have any advice for any photographers who might be struggling? Whether they’re the same type of things that you’ve been struggling with or that are just struggling in general. What are your piece of advice?

Allison Tyler Jones: 15 years in, a master of photography, a master of taking care of your clients, obviously that love you and would wait for you through a hard time in your life. What advice would you have for our listeners?

Tania Gaylor: It’s all that confidence. Just believing that what you offer is wanted and needed out there and people are prepared to pay for it. So just finding that confidence that there are people out there that want what you do and believing it. So yeah, confidence and believing in what you do that would probably be my main advice. But then aside from that is come The ReWork and I’m not only saying that just because it’s you here interviewing me. But I really do believe that I’ve had a crush on you for probably about five years prior to the ReWork about everything that you did. Because that’s exactly who I wanted to be and the way I wanted to run my business, I used to listen to any talk you held or whatever. When I was able to tap into that it changed everything for me, it lifted a good business up to a great business.

Allison Tyler Jones: Well, I appreciate you saying that. I don’t know that it’s true but I am-

Tania Gaylor: It is.

Allison Tyler Jones: I’m a fan of you. I equally love you because I’ve seen you come into our group and our community in through what was probably the most difficult time of your life and lift and help others and those that hadn’t been in business as long as you have. To be willing to give of your time and well thought out, well crafted responses and help lift other photographers and you’re just such a stellar person. It’s no surprise to me that your clients would wait as long as they needed to have you photograph their family.

Tania Gaylor: Thank you.

Allison Tyler Jones: So let me ask you a quick question as we’re heading out, when you say believe and confidence. Where does that come from? Because I look at you, I talk to you and you’re not a flashy old person. What is that quiet confidence? Where does that come from and how would you suggest people access that, that maybe don’t feel very confident?

Tania Gaylor: Okay. Deep down inside I’m probably not… I’m such an introvert. I wouldn’t say that I’m not confident, maybe ignorant. Sometimes I just don’t before I move, I just take a leap of faith. Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: Don’t overthink it.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah, I don’t overthink it. No.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay.

Tania Gaylor: I don’t. It comes down to a feeling I suppose, I feel it and I do it and if it feels right I do it. If it doesn’t feel right I don’t do it. My parents have always been one that have encouraged us to I suppose reach for stars even though when I started… Because I’ve always wanted to be a photographer since I was the age of 12 and back in the day girls don’t become photographers.

Allison Tyler Jones: Right.

Tania Gaylor: It was a man’s world.

Allison Tyler Jones: Absolutely.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah, and to want to be able to do that and coming from an Italian family I suppose as well. It just wasn’t a thing that little Italian girls did. I was adamant right from then I was just going to be a photographer and even though it wasn’t something that my parents probably would’ve… That I would want to do or be able to make a living out of. They still encouraged it and mom helped me get my first job when I left school and that was in photography industry. Even though it was just working on a mini lab and selling cameras and stuff like that. It was still a stepping stone to what I wanted to do and I suppose it was yeah that.

Allison Tyler Jones: It’s the vision.

Tania Gaylor: It was just something I wanted to do, yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: I think that’s such a through line because I was speaking with Iryna just earlier and she’ll be on another episode of this podcast. But I think the through line, not everybody had parents that supported them. A lot of people are deciding want to do this as a business and they have either a spouse or family that’s like you’re never going to make money at that or that’s not a real job or whatever. But the through line is that if you want to you will and I think that’s where the confidence comes from, is not in just saying affirmations. Although I think that can help. But is that when you select for that and say, no I don’t care what happens I’m doing this and then you find those little leaps. They become clear where you need to leap and like you said, you feel that gut feel and then you make enough of them and they work out. That you go oh, and there’s plenty that don’t. There’s plenty that don’t work out.

Tania Gaylor: Exactly. I was going to say, even the failures are learning curves and believe me there’s been many failures along the way as well.

Allison Tyler Jones: Absolutely.

Tania Gaylor: You just don’t let that knock you down. You make that lift you up and just move forward.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. You just think well I don’t want to do it that way again.

Tania Gaylor: Exactly. Yeah. That was a mistake.

Allison Tyler Jones: That was not great.

Tania Gaylor: Let’s take this road.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. From a technique standpoint, one of my favorite quotes is that the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is that a great photographer knows how to repeat their mistakes. So like, oh I accidentally forgot to turn that back flash on and ooh that was really cool how that solo worked out. Oh, so I know how to repeat that now it’s my style, right?

Tania Gaylor: Yeah.

Allison Tyler Jones: I think that works the same in business too. You have something where you’re like, okay I put up this marketing initiative free 100 cards with a session or whatever and it attracted all of these looky loos that were horrible to work with. Okay. Now I know I’m never doing that again. How not to do it is just as important as how to do it.

Tania Gaylor: Absolutely.

Allison Tyler Jones: Yeah. I love it. Well, I appreciate you so much. Where can our listeners find you if they want to see your website?

Tania Gaylor: Yep. So my website is and I don’t know my Instagram.

Allison Tyler Jones: That’s okay, we’ll find it and we’ll link it in the show notes.

Tania Gaylor: Yeah. I think if you just searched Tania Gaylor photography it will come up.

Allison Tyler Jones: And it’s Tania, T-A-N-I-A?

Tania Gaylor: That’s right. Yes.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay. So what we need to do is we need to have everybody go and look at your Instagram now so that they can be prepared for the huge unveiling in 2023. Where you leap onto the scene and it’s amazing. Along with me who’s going to be way more consistent in my posting.

Tania Gaylor: Oh no, you’re pretty good.

Allison Tyler Jones: We’ll do it together.

Tania Gaylor: Well, I haven’t posted anything on Facebook or Instagram probably for the last eight months. So, it’s very stagnant at the moment.

Allison Tyler Jones: You’ve been given a hall pass. You have my permission to not even feel guilty about that at all.

Tania Gaylor: Thank you.

Allison Tyler Jones: Well, you’re the best, I appreciate you. I’m as a big a fan of you, probably bigger than you are of me and I thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your fireplace with me today. I will see you probably on our Q and A tomorrow.

Tania Gaylor: Yes, that’d be wonderful. Try and get up for it.

Allison Tyler Jones: Okay, I know and if you can just listen to the recording it’s fine.

Tania Gaylor: Thank you so much Allison, it’s been wonderful.

Allison Tyler Jones: All right. Love you to pieces. Thank you so much.

Tania Gaylor: Bye.

Allison Tyler Jones: Bye.

Allison Tyler Jones: Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you being here? I know that you have so many demands on your time and so many demands on your attention. You could be watching Netflix, you could be listening to a true crime podcast. But you’ve spent time here at The ReWork learning to make your portrait business better and that really means a lot to me. If there’s somebody that you feel like could benefit from this episode, that you could help them and help us spread the word in helping other portrait photographers build better businesses. Please go to where you’re listening to this episode and hit that share button and share it with them and if you have time and can give us a review. You don’t even understand how much that means to a little tiny podcast like ours to see those reviews and see how we’re helping. If you have another minute and can send me a DM and let us know what you would like to hear in the future. What you really enjoyed hearing about, maybe things that weren’t that great, how we can do better. We always want to do better and we always want to support the portrait photography industry in helping you build the best businesses ever. Thanks again so much for being here.


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