Finding Confidence

Guest: Tania Gaylor

Owner | Tania Gaylor Photography
West Lakes, SA, Australia

DATE: August 11, 2022

Finding confidence in yourself, your business, your plans, and your future can feel like an uphill battle. We look at other business owners and we wish we had their talent or the confidence they exude. What can we do as business owners to not only set ourselves up as the expert with our client, but increase confidence in ourselves?

Today’s guest is no stranger to digging deep to find confidence, even in the face of adversity. Tania Gaylor of Tania Gaylor Family Photography in Adelaide, Australia, is one of the founding members of The Art of Selling Art™, in our Mindshift Membership™ and she is one-of-a-kind. A self-proclaimed introvert, Tania knows what she wants and she knows how to show up for her clients confidently. In this episode, Tania shares the actions she has taken in the last 15 years to find the confidence to make big changes in her business and overcome some staggering challenges in her life.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Focus on the value you bring rather than trying convince clients
  • Do what feels right to you
  • Learning from failures
  • Exude quiet confidence over bossiness

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:31] – Welcome to the show Tania! Tania shares her background and the progress of her photography business.
  • [3:29] – At the start of this year, Tania lost her husband to cancer and she describes the outpouring of love and understanding from her clients.
  • [5:33] – Tania is one of the founding members of The Art of Selling Art and the Mindshift Membership.
  • [7:11] – Ideally, Tania would love to bring someone on board to handle marketing.
  • [8:30] – Someone to help with marketing doesn’t necessarily need to be someone who is a marketing professional.
  • [9:52] – Social media just didn’t sit right with Tania. She prefers reaching out to her “number ones” and going from there.
  • [11:40] – Tania’s confidence is in knowing the value she brings her clients.
  • [12:57] – With her confidence, she was able to step into her expertise.
  • [13:58] – Tania describes how she works with clients who want an expanding gallery in their home for photographs every year.
  • [16:01] – She goes in and tells what she thinks should be done and asks the right questions.
  • [18:24] – Did Tania ever feel bossy when she started consultations this way?
  • [21:21] – Tania became clearer on what she offers.
  • [22:35] – We don’t necessarily want to book everybody. We want to book the people who know and value your work.
  • [24:50] – “There are people out there who want what you do.”
  • [26:11] – Where does Tania’s quiet confidence come from?
  • [27:56] – If you want to, you will.
  • [30:08] – Go take a look at Tania’s current Instagram and follow her to see the transformation she will be making in the next year.

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