Pixels to Products – Part 4 – PROfiles

Guest: Jed Taufer

Host | This Conversation Podcast

DATE: December 23, 2021

As a portrait photographer, our heart sings at the thought of lighting and photographing and all the creative things that we would like to dream up for our clients, but have we considered that what our clients might REALLY want, what they might really NEED, is a Trusted Advisor to help them make sense of the portrait process and decide which images will look best in their homes? 

Someone who’s opinion they can trust. 

A guide for every step of the process.

In today’s podcast with Jed Taufer, we talk with two seasoned photographers, Kathryn Langsford and Lara Blair, about how they made the transformation from camera-for-hire to positioning themselves as an expert to serve their client in more complete and better ways. 

As we discuss the evolutions of their businesses, you will hear about the pitfalls and mistakes they have made on the road to finding the value that comes from being the expert and Trusted Advisor that your clients need; mistakes that you can learn from and avoid in your own business. 

Join us for this final (and my favorite) segment of our Pixels to Product series with Jed Taufer – where we dive into PROfiles of making change.


[02:21] The issue with selling a product for digital files in photography.

[03:43] – What other options are out there for photography.

[06:01] – Photography is a business that can be restructured again and again.

[07:52] – A preview offer can lead to problems for you.

[11:13] – How you can address client concerns without hindering sales.

[14:15] – The best time to manage session expectations.

[18:37] – What to do to create a better experience for client meetings.

[21:30] – The most effective way to switch previous clients to new business procedures.

[25:08] – Clients are looking for a confident photographer.

[28:18] – Why you should lead conversations with clients.

[32:29] – How you can perform better in your business operations. 

[33:39] – Why it’s okay for photographers to pivot.

[36:58] – What tasks you can reevaluate and delegate in your business.

[40:23] – The best indicator of an appropriate price range.

[42:31] – The balance of business and play.

[45:00] – The balance of business and family.

[48:43] – How you should talk about photography as an investment.

[52:11] – Value is in the art itself.

[55:43] – Presenting your art without fear.

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Jed Taufer

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Kathryn Langsford

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Lara Blair

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Memorable Quotes:

“You can have the exact same interaction in the pre-consult as the sale, and it will go completely different beforehand because you’re in a completely different frame of mind.” Jed Taufer [0:16:26]

“There’s nothing to ‘not’ decide. We’ve already decided everything beforehand.” Kathryn Langsford [0:17:55]

“When your prices change, how you deal with your clients must change.” Allison Tyler Jones [0:28:48]

“If I could go deep, and not wide, with clients, I knew that we could get this done. ” Lara Blair [0:43:21]