Looking Back Looking Forward with Cynthia Moore

Guest: Cynthia Moore

Portrait Artist | Cynthia Moore Photography
London, Ontario

DATE: January 6, 2022

Today’s guest is the powerfully resilient, flexible and confident Cynthia Moore, fellow portrait photographer who I have had the privilege of mentoring over the past few years.

With the beginning of 2022 upon us (most likely after a crazy festive season for all the photographers out there listening!), now is the perfect time to do some reevaluations and reflections on 2021, and make some decisions about the direction you want to be taking your business. This episode will get you thinking about all the important questions you should be asking yourself in order to feel more fulfilled by your work and to serve your clients better. 

We’re talking pricing, web-galleries, client consultations, and coming to terms with the fact that YOU are the expert, and with that comes a responsibility to yourself as much as your clients! 


[03:05] Four key questions that I ask myself at the end of every year. 

[04:52] The story of how Cynthia and I met. 

[05:50] Cynthia shares a brief rundown of her photography journey, including what the past two years have looked like for her business. 

[09:24] The new-found appreciation that people have for portrait photography since the pandemic began. 

[11:39] What my first conversation with Cynthia consisted of. 

[14:00] Cynthia’s approach to dealing with the craziness of the festive season. 

[15:05] A recap of the reflections that I do each year, and how these compare to Cythnia’s yearly goals. 

[18:59] Why Cynthia chooses to send web galleries to clients prior to view-and-order sessions.

[21:57] My reasoning for only allowing clients to see their photographs for the first time during the view-and-order session. 

[26:34] How my sister reacted when I sent her a web gallery. 

[29:22] Why web galleries do not benefit your clients.

[34:12] The importance of clear communication during client consultation sessions. 

[37:55] What your clients are really hiring you for. 

[39:34] A metaphor which highlights the major downside of web galleries. 

[44:10] Why we stopped booking sessions from October for the rest of 2021. 

[46:23] How Cynthia thinks her clients will respond if she decides to stop sending web galleries.

[49:19] Cynthia’s main goals for 2022. 

[51:42] Why confidence is a key to success, and how Cynthia has developed hers over many years. 

[57:06] The importance of doing regular reevaluations on your business. 

[1:00:04] A valuable lesson about deciding how to price your work. 

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