Pixels to Products – Part 3 – Sales

Guest: Jed Taufer

Host | This Conversation Podcast

DATE: December 16, 2021

Portrait photography is an art. The ability to capture something beautiful with your camera is truly something to be treasured and shared and enjoyed by others. However, for most of us, portrait photography is also a business. The way we put food on the table and support our families. 

Blending photography and business can be its own kind of art. And being able to sell our art without turning into a Salesy Jerk is truly a beautiful thing. The transition from awkward salesperson to a true artist of the Sales Room comes as you ReWork your thinking. As you start to realize that the portrait sale isn’t about you but about meeting the needs of the client, you can more confidently approach your sales appointments. 

Thanks to a well done consultation, you can enter into the sales appointment prepared and excited to be the expert they need to guide them through the portrait buying process. 

In this podcast, we talk with Jed Taufer for the 3rd segment in our Pixels to Product series. A discussion all about strengthening our portraits sales.


[0:01:17] Allison introduces herself and explains what she does.

[0:01:34] The common character trait that Allison has noticed in many artists that she has worked with over the years.

[0:02:40] How the concept of ReWork came about.

[0:03:31] Barriers that have prevented Allison from starting The ReWork until now.

[0:05:20] Allison explains what The Rework framework is and outlines the six steps that is consists of.

[0:07:10] The importance of understanding what you want before you go out and look for help.

[0:08:02] Step one of The ReWork: Identify something that has been bothering you in your business.

[0:08:33] Step two: Research the conventional wisdom and best practices around solving that problem, and find someone who can mentor you.

[0:10:33] Step three: Rethink the information that you have researched and determine the elements you want to keep and those you want to eliminate.

[0:12:13] Why step four, the reimagine step, is where the magic happens.

[0:13:24] Questions that you should be asking yourself at step four of The ReWork process.

[0:14:40] Step five: Everything you need to be redesigning at this stage.

[0:17:25] Step six: Execute.

[0:18:32] Allison runs through a practical example of how to utilize The ReWork method, using one of the biggest problems that photographers claim they struggle with as an example.

[0:21:31] The difference between being busier and making more money; two things which are often conflated.

[0:22:43] Changes that Allison has decided to make in her business after going through The ReWork process herself.

[0:25:19] Things that Allison needs to let go of as she goes on this new journey.

[0:26:37] Marketing strategies that Allison has recently adopted.

[0:28:14] The clients who you should be structuring your business towards.

[0:31:19] What you can expect from The ReWork podcast in the future.

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