Pixels to Products – Part 2 – Pricing

Guest: Jed Taufer

Host | This Conversation Podcast

DATE: December 9, 2021

Pricing is one of those hot topics that makes most photographers squirm. For most photographers, you KNOW you aren’t charging enough, but you can’t quite wrap your brain around how to charge more. What if you lose all of your clients? What if other photographers think you’re crazy? What if…? There are a million fears swimming around in our minds when it comes to raising prices. I know. I have had them too! But all of the growth in my business has come from shifting how I think about pricing- by moving from competition-based pricing (what everyone else is charging) to value-based pricing. 

Rather than worrying about whether or not someone is going to pay what you charge, think about how you can offer your clients a service and a product worth the price tag! 

Jed and I both know the feeling of fear that comes with raising prices, but we also know how it feels to be paid for the value we give. So join us today for a VALUABLE lesson that could completely change the way you think about pricing! 


[01:14] Why pricing is one of my and Jed’s favorite topics of discussion.

[02:38] Negative feelings and misconceptions that many photographers have around pricing. 

[06:01] The three main pricing strategies available to portrait photographers. 

[08:07] Jed explains the journey that he has gone through in his business with regard to pricing. 

[12:01] A key to pricing right; valuing yourself!

[15:45] Problems that I have with education in the photography realm.  

[16:48] Why you should stop comparing yourself to other photographers. 

[19:16] Various factors that I took into consideration in order to determine my pricing structure. 

[24:02] How not pricing your photographs correctly will negatively impact your relationships with your clients.  

[27:44] The reaction I received from the first client I had after I doubled my prices.  

[31:39] I run through the process that I went through when increasing the prices of my products. 

[33:31] What clients care about far more than the price of your products. 

[37:00] The questions that you should be asking yourself when determining your pricing. 

[41:24] Why you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t increase your prices yearly.

[43:06] How the demand for Jed’s work changed when he began increasing his prices. 

[47:45] The problem with the way many photographers communicate their price increases with their clients.  

[52:56] Examples of better ways to explain why your prices are going up.  

[56:48] How the value that you assign to your work affects the way your clients experience it. 

[58:21] Jed shares a story of an artist who charges $10 000 to position his artworks in his customers’ homes. 

[1:00:45] What I want my clients to tell other people about my work. 

[1:02:35] An overview of the conversation I recently had on Clubhouse about pricing. 

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