Pixels to Products – Part 1 – Products

Guest: Jed Taufer

Host | This Conversation Podcast

DATE: December 2, 2021

To sell or not to sell? When it comes to developing a successful photography business, that is always the question. While industry experts have long since shown that there is more money in selling product, many photographers continue to prefer to shoot and burn. Why? Because making the transition to selling product feels beyond overwhelming. 

But you don’t have to do it alone. 

In this four part podcast series with Jed Taufer (which originally aired on his podcast, This Conversation sponsored by White House Custom Color), we will explore the process of taking an image from Pixels to Product. Whether you are just starting out or have been selling product for years, this series will be one you won’t want to miss. 


[01:08] What you can expect from the next four episodes of The Rework.  

[03:26] The focus of this segment of the Pixels to Product series.

[03:49] Step number one in my process of developing a product. 

[06:18] Experiences that encouraged me to start printing my photographs for my clients, although I was hesitant at first. 

[08:18] Pros and cons of the huge amount of information available on the internet. 

[08:56] Our go-to trusted websites for educational materials. 

[11:06] What the full process of developing an ATJ product entails. 

[12:22] How to determine what your first printed product offering is going to be when you are just starting out.  

[15:52] Why focusing on wall art is a good place to start.

[17:50] The two types of products that I offer to my clients. 

[22:03] Old school oversell versus new school undersell, and why I don’t use either of these strategies.  

[25:06] My favorite type of prints for my wall photographs and my albums. 

[27:43] Where you can find the (free) client consultation form that will solve all your consultation woes!  

[29:25] The importance of getting printed samples of your work before you dive in. 

[32:25] Why creating finished products for your clients will help your business thrive. 

[36:12] Encouragement to attribute to your work the value that it deserves. 

[39:31] Why I don’t ask my clients what they want their photographs to be printed on. 

[40:00] Evolutions that I have seen occurring amongst my client base. 

[43:06] The importance of having an open mind while maintaining your position as the boss.  

[44:44] An overview of what it takes to develop a product line or refresh an old one. 

[46:14] Pricing; our next topic of conversation. 

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