Selling With Suggestions

Guest: Tim Walden

Co-Owner | Walden’s Photography & Immersion Coaching
Lexington, Kentucky
PHOTOGRAPHY: https://www.waldensphotography.com/
COACHING: https://www.timwalden.com/

DATE: October 21, 2021

Almost every photographer finds something about in-person sales to be intimidating. It can be overwhelming to try to strike that fine balance between persuading the client or rolling over and just giving everything away.

Done right, a successful portrait sales session can be a work of art all its own. 

Today’s guest is a sales master. Having tried a myriad of sales techniques through the years, Tim Walden and his wife Bev, stumbled upon pure genius – selling with suggestions. This technique, used by their landscaper of all people, has been a game changer in their portrait studio. 

In today’s episode with Tim, we don’t just talk about applying this concept, we actually go full role-play mode to SHOW you how it’s done. 


[00:59] Why photographers are fearful of conversations about selling. 

[02:30] The importance of the environment that you create in your sales and selection room.  

[03:44] Tim shares the lesson he learned from the landscaper of his home. 

[05:10] How Tim uses suggestions as his sales strategy.  

[06:24] A game-changer in the photography industry. 

[07:39] Why suggestions work so well as a sales approach.  

[09:31] What Tim’s editing process looks like.  

[10:26] The purpose that Tim aims to achieve in his consultations with clients. 

[11:38] Tim and I role play a consultation session. 

[14:51] How to engage the mind of your clients and authentically tell their story. 

[17:11] Factors that you should be focusing on when you photograph your clients. 

[19:28] What Tim means when he says, “Every portrait is a self-portrait.”  

[22:54] The type of photography that Tim was raised on, and why he chose to move away from it.  

[26:37] Tim explains where he thinks the value of posing lies.  

[28:50] What makes a great brand? 

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