Working With A Custom Framer

Guest: Rob Brinton

Owner | Matage Custom Framing
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: October 28, 2021

The goal of any portrait photographer is to produce beautiful artwork for their clients. But what happens when that beautiful piece of art – that portrait that you retouched into the early hours of the morning – ends up in some cheap, tacky frame your client picked up for 50% off at their local craft store? 

Running a full-service portrait studio means worrying about more than just the portraits we take and retouch. It means worrying about how those portraits are presented and displayed. That’s why developing a partnership with a custom framer you can trust is so important. 

Today on the podcast I am joined by Rob Brinton, owner of Matage Custom Framing, and the OCD, master-of-custom-framing to whom I have entrusted my artwork for the last 16 years. 

In this episode Rob and I get into the nitty gritty of all things framing (conservation glass or museum?) and give you a rundown of what it takes to form and sustain a successful business partnership with a custom framer in your area.


[02:18] An introduction to Rob Brinton, and the special working partnership we have. 

[03:14] Why custom framers are often skeptical of forming partnerships with photographers, and why Rob’s mindset is different. 

[04:26] I share what drove me to seek out a partnership with Rob.

[06:04] The move we both made in 2009. 

[08:01] A question that all photographers should be asking framers before they start working with them. 

[08:36] Some of the keys to a successful business partnership.  

[11:11] How to decide whether you want to work with a particular framer. 

[13:52] Different types of offerings that framers provide to their clients. 

[15:53] A story which epitomizes the value that Rob provides to my business. 

[17:53] Common mistakes that Rob sees interior designers make. 

[19:24] Different types of glass available for use in frames.    

[22:32] Circumstances under which you cannot use glass in your frames. 

[24:55] The importance of having up front conversations with your framer about what you are looking for. 

[27:01] Rob weighs in on matting. 

[29:09] The biggest mistakes people make when hanging frames on a wall, and how to avoid them.

[32:17] Why framers and photographers should always have insurance. 

[34:36] Benefits of a framer-photographer relationship to both parties. 

[37:01] Rob explains the different types of mats that can be used. 

[40:51] How to ensure that the framer-photographer relationship is a win-win. 

[41:46] Where Rob looks for inspiration for his work. 

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