Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Guest: Kathryn Langsford

Owner of Photos by Kathryn
Vancouver, Canada

DATE: October 14, 2021

Change is inevitable. Especially in our industry. Whether you are adjusting pricing due to vendor increases or moving away from selling digitals, change can feel scary. Especially when we have to communicate that change to our clients. What if they push back? What if they walk away? Fear of losing or upsetting clients can prevent us from making important changes to our business.

The solution? Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

In today’s episode, Kathryn Langsford and I discuss tips for having uncomfortable conversations with clients and the importance of clarity- starting with understanding our own rationale and then turning that into clear messaging for our clients. Using real examples of our own client conversations and messaging, we will help you find the words you need to tackle your own uncomfortable client conversations.


[0:01:00] Why today’s topic is such an important one.  

[0:02:42] The first step in the process of making changes to your business; getting clear on your vision!  

[0:03:43] How Kathryn’s approach to dealing with clients has changed over time. 

[0:06:35] Rules that Kathryn and I have put in place with regard to the products that we sell, and why we have done this.  

[0:09:22] Having a clear vision about the product you are selling is key.  

[0:10:34] Reactions that you should expect when you change your offerings.  

[0:12:17] How Kathryn broaches the topic of changes she has made to her business model with existing clients. 

[0:13:00] Clients who Kathryn has found to be the most averse to change. 

[0:14:08] Kathryn runs us through her experience of explaining her business model changes to a particularly difficult client (“Client A”).

[0:16:16] What I love about the way Kathryn approaches the topic of changes she has made to her business. 

[0:18:50] Pushback that Kathryn received from “Client A,” and what the outcome of this interaction was.

[0:21:41] How the majority of Kathryn’s clients have responded to changes she has made to her business model. 

[0:23:06] Another experience Kathryn had with clients who pushed back, which had a different final outcome to “Client A.”

[0:25:03] Applying the threshold principle that we use to other industries.

[0:27:01] When to let clients go. 

[0:28:48] Evolution in small businesses is normal, and clients should be understanding of that. 

[0:29:29] The first two clients I had (who have just recently returned for another shoot), how my business has changed since then, and how they felt about the changes.  

[0:31:33] A recap of the main points we have discussed in this episode. 

[0:33:59] How we fulfil our role of helping our clients get clear on what it is they want.  

[0:37:09] Decisions that should be made before the shoot.  

[0:39:06] Benefits that you and your clients experience when you stay true to your vision.

[0:41:52] Appreciation that clients feel when Kathryn shares her process with them.

[0:43:23] What “amnesia” looks like in Kathryn’s world (in reference to Grant Cardone’s book, Sell or Be Sold)

[0:44:46] How Kathryn and I deal with clients who get cold feet in the sales room. 

[0:45:06] Recommended reading resources.

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