Bullet Proof Confidence

DATE: October 7, 2021

I used to think that confidence was either something you had or you didn’t. And for a lot of years, I didn’t feel confident. Starting my own photography business didn’t help. I knew that I needed to create a sustainable business to support my family, but I didn’t resonate with the old-school oversell or the new-school undersell sales approaches in the industry. I was constantly second guessing if I was good enough or smart enough or talented enough to pull this off…and to do it MY way! So began my journey of Creating Bullet Proof Confidence.

This 15+ year journey has confirmed what all of the experts have been saying- confidence isn’t something you have, it’s something you develop. And so today I am sharing with you the realizations that have enhanced my confidence and helped me turn my business into the success it is today. 

This is a short, potent shot to send you into the crazy season with the knowledge that there is nobody like you out there, and the more you lean into YOUR vision, the better you and your client are going to feel about your work! 


[0:01:36] What I have achieved through my portrait photography business, and what my goal is for The ReWork podcast. 

[0:02:16] A key ingredient to my success. 

[0:03:24] Examples of old-school photography sales techniques which didn’t resonate with me. 

[0:05:42] The business model which developed when digital photography took off (around the time I entered the industry), and why I chose not to go down this route. 

[0:08:08] “Grumpy Guys” of the photography world. 

[0:10:01] Realization number one that I had when I was starting my business: It’s not about you. 

[0:12:21] The realization I had which made me stop comparing myself to others, and how this gave me confidence. 

[0:14:43] Why it’s so important to have a clear vision, and to be confident in that.   

[0:16:06] A recap of the three major realizations which helped me build a successful photography business. 

[0:17:18] Best of luck for the crazy season! 

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