Five Key Steps to Getting Ready for the Holiday Season

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Client Coordinator | ATJ Photo
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: September 30, 2021

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Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner!? Often, after a long summer, getting back into the real swing of things at work can be difficult and draining, and those are the last things you want to be experiencing during your busiest time of the year. 

In today’s episode, Jessica and I will share our best tips to avoid creative burn-out, inspire new ideas to ensure that this holiday season is your best yet.

We’ll be discussing the physical elements of your studio that you should focus on before the holiday season starts, how to make your clients feel extra special, ways to refresh your inspiration (which will benefit you as the artist, as well as your clients), and more! 

If you’re ready to kick things into gear in your business this season, and really “WOW” your clients, this is the episode for you!

And because we want to support you all we can, we’ve created a downloadable PDF 

The 5 Key Steps to Getting Ready for Your Busy Season full of tips and ideas to get your own creative wheels turning.


[0:01:02] The holidays are coming, and this episode is going to make this holiday season your best yet! 

[0:02:04] Where you can find the downloadable PDF that corresponds with today’s episode.

[0:03:59] The most common struggles experienced during the crazy busy season. 

[0:04:38] A strategy that we use to ensure that our calendar is filled with clients we love most. 

[0:07:24] Steps we take to refresh our studio space to ready it for the holiday season. 

[0:09:35] Jessica’s infamous popcorn faux pas, and a reminder to be thoughtful of the scent in your studio.

[0:11:24] Examples of the ways that we keep our studio fresh and refreshed. 

[0:13:03] Factors that I take into consideration when I have clients in my salesroom. 

[0:14:08] The time when we make any adjustments to the business, and examples of what those adjustments might be.

[0:17:38] Reworking your inspiration; our third tip for the fall season.

[0:19:07] What I do to fuel my inspiration.  

[0:21:23] How I make each experience with returning clients new and exciting.  

[0:24:38] Why I love this creative restriction of working in studio.  

[0:25:30] How we keep our holiday cards concepts creative and custom. 

[0:28:01] The value of challenging yourself in every portrait session. 

[0:30:47] Ideas for making our clients feel special. 

[0:34:29] Overcoming the challenges that parents experience when bringing their children for a session. 

[0:37:11] A recap of the 5 key steps that we discussed today.  

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The 5 Key Steps to Getting Ready for Your Busy Season  

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