Bold Moves & Crazy Discipline

Guest: Rhea Whitney

Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Rhea Whitney Photography
Houston, TX and Washington, DC

DATE: September 23, 2021

Despite photography not being a major part of her life growing up, and studying a finance and accounting degree (which was a big surprise to me too!), Rhea Whitney has always had a love for imagery, and after a lot of experimentation, many bold moves, and a crazy amount of discipline, she found her true calling in wedding and portrait photography AND photography business coaching.

Now, this absolute ray of sunshine is the owner of multiple 6 figure businesses, and even after 10 years in the photography industry, her passion for her work is as strong as ever. When it comes to understanding their businesses, Rhea helps her clients remove their blinders, but in other ways, Rhea wants us to put our blinders on; everyone is on a different journey, focus on YOURS, and nobody else’s!

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re always going to be met with resistance along your journey of starting something new. Everyone has fears and doubts, including Rhea and I, but Rhea has some fantastic advice for how to work through these negative emotions, learn to love yourself and your work, and get you on track to living your best life!


[0:01:00] An introduction to today’s guest, Rhea Whitney, and why I wanted to have her on the show today.

[0:02:25] What Rhea’s professional life consists of, and the passion she has for her work.

[0:03:48] Rhea’s educational background (which is unusual for a photographer) and how it has helped her in her career.  

[0:04:47] The first big photography event Rhea went to, and her experience of presenting at that same event recently. 

[0:07:37] Dangers of social media, and the mistakes Rhea sees people making as a result. 

[0:09:00] How Rhea’s photography business started, and the way it progressed. 

[0:10:12] Rhea explains how she found her niche. 

[0:12:08] The rebrand that Rhea’s business underwent in 2015. 

[0:14:30] How Rhea changed the way she attracted her ideal client after her rebrand. 

[0:16:11] Rhea’s plans for the future of her businesses. 

[0:17:43] Barriers to success that Rhea sees amongst her coaching clients. 

[0:19:25] What entrepreneurs need to expect when they are starting something new.

[0:20:21] A lesson my daughter in law taught me about not worrying about what other people think. 

[0:21:27] Fears that Rhea still has around putting herself out there, and how she works through them.   

[0:24:24] A bold move that Rhea made to move cities. 

[0:26:12] The importance of celebrate the small wins and getting out of your comfort zone.   

[0:28:06] Factors that Rhea believes have been key to her success. 

[0:32:07] Learn to love your work and your business!

[0:33:57] Rhea shares some of the exciting programs she is going to be running and where you can get in touch with her. 

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