Pricing Gamechangers

Guest: Kathryn Langsford

Owner of Photos by Kathryn
Vancouver, Canada

DATE: August 26, 2021


Do you ever worry about your pricing? Is it too high, too low? Nothing can make a nice portrait photographer doubt themselves like figuring out their pricing. For today’s show, I’ve brought Kathryn Langsford back, and we are going to discuss the ways to build the value of what you do in your own mind first and then communicate that value to your clients.


[0:01:04] A reintroduction to one of my greatest fortunes in life, and the topic that she and I are going to be discussing today.

[0:03:08] The value in comparing prices of goods and services across different sectors.

[0:05:55] Your price tag should make you happy and align with the other elements that your clients choose to surround themselves with. 

[0:08:40] Kathryn’s process of making sure she is providing her clients with high-quality pieces of art. 

[0:11:28] A conversation I recently had with a client which made me rethink my prices.

[0:12:42] How conversations with high-end clients about prices usually play out.

[0:15:38] The segment of our client base who spend more on portraits than they do on anything else. 

[0:18:06] Elements of our service that are worked into the cost of our portraits. 

[0:18:35] Mindset shifts that we need to have around the costs we assign to our work. 

[0:20:31] The important lesson of not answering questions that weren’t asked. 

[0:21:37] Advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in the portrait photography industry. 

[0:22:49] Why Kathryn and I don’t feel guilty about the prices we charge. 

[0:24:01] When I will tell prospective clients that my work isn’t what they’re looking for.

[0:25:25] Examples of the minimizing language that clients often use. 

[0:27:59] Difficulty Kathryn had with pricing her albums.  

[0:31:15] Different types of clients you’ll have along your journey as a photographer and the importance of treating them all the same. 

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