Marketing on Value vs. Price

Guest: Tim Walden

Co-Owner | Walden’s Photography & Immersion Coaching
Lexington, Kentucky
PHOTOGRAPHY: https://www.waldensphotography.com/
COACHING: https://www.timwalden.com/

DATE: September 2, 2021


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of quick marketing fixes, but there are better, more sustainable and more soul-satisfying ways to attract clients. In today’s episode I am joined by studio photographer, coach, and master of marketing, Tim Walden, who is here to share his wisdom on this fundamental element of running a business.

So many photographers aren’t clear on what their niche is, or the unique value they offer to their clients. According to Tim, this kind of clarity is what forms the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. Using his own work as an example, Tim explains why the meaning that is captured in photographs, and the connection that you as a photographer form with your clients, is far more important than your technical skills, and how those values can translate into a more profitable business. 

We also discuss the biggest enemy of photography, the difference between confidence and arrogance (and why you need to exude the former), and what permission marketing is. Tim is not only one of the smartest people I know, but also one of the nicest, so be sure to tune in today! 


[0:01:22] An introduction to today’s guest, Tim Walden, the master of marketing.

[0:04:05] How we should reframe the way we think about marketing.  

[0:06:22] Dangers of following in the marketing footsteps of big companies. 

[0:07:45] The change of marketing strategy that caused Tim’s business to experience huge growth. 

[0:10:10] Mistakes that small business owners commonly make with regard to their marketing.

[0:11:05] Why clarity is the foundational element of marketing.  

[0:12:45] Lack of clarity that is pervasive amongst photographers.

[0:15:45] Tim’s definition of a great brand. 

[0:17:43] Ways that Tim forms and fulfils expectations in his business. 

[0:19:24] The difference between confidence and arrogance, and the importance of the former.

[0:22:02] How to stand out as a service provider of any kind.  

[0:23:55] The collaborative process that Tim engages his clients in. 

[0:27:53] Portraits are investments and their value increases over time.

[0:29:16] Hear about the tradition that my mother started.

[0:30:29] Elements that Tim considers to be part of his job as a photographer, outside of the actual taking of photographs.

[0:31:14] What permission marketing is and why Tim thinks it is the best kind of marketing.

[0:31:53] The biggest enemy of photography, according to Tim. 

[0:35:09] A document that Tim has created for the purpose of “seed marketing.” 

[0:37:00] Tim and I briefly revisit the main themes discussed in this episode.