The Concept of Value

Guest: Jed Taufer

Host | This Conversation Podcast

DATE: August 19, 2021

Before we can communicate the value of what we do to our customers, we first need to learn to value ourselves, our time, and our work. Today’s episode is all about value, and who better to discuss this with than  Jed Taufer, host of the This Conversation podcast, and someone who has had a positive impact on my own career.

There are a number of factors which value is built upon, some of which are objective, and some of which are subjective. Jed, through his years of experience on both the studio ownership and photo lab sides of the photography industry, has created a list of game changing factors relating to value, a few of which he shares with us today. 

Among other topics, we discuss mentors, minimalism, and the “hire slow, fire fast” approach Jed and his business partner and wife Vicki have adopted.


[0:01:02] An introduction to today’s guest, Jed Taufer, host of the This Conversation podcast, and what we are going to discuss in this episode. 

[0:03:16] Where a sense of value originates from.  

[0:05:45] The experience I had with my husband when he joined my business.  

[0:07:40] The money-saving breakthrough by using a Wacom Tablet.

[0:09:10] Jed’s list of Game-Changers relating to Value. 

[0:11:43] What Value is based on: Reality and Perception. 

[0:12:55] Why Peter Lik can charge the high prices that he does. 

[0:13:52] Different camps that photographers fall into. 

[0:14:45] An example of a brand that has married reality and perception. 

[0:19:07] A lot of things signal cheaper prices and less things signal higher prices

[0:20:27] What you should and shouldn’t let your photo lab do. 

[0:21:30] Advice from Jed about defining roles within a business.

[0:22:38] Hiring well. The “hire slow, fire fast” approach that Jed and his partner use. 

[0:24:57] Why delegation is a key piece of the value puzzle. 

[0:29:01] The importance of asking ourselves, “What else could be true?” 

[0:30:09] Jed’s thoughts about the importance of mentors.

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