What Interior Designers Think of Portrait Photographers

Guest: Caroline Tyler DeCesare

Owner | DeCesare Design Group
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: August 12, 2021

The relationship between portrait photographers and interior designers has historically been tense; interior designers feel frustrated when portraits don’t cohere with the style of the house, and photographers feel hard done by when their portraits end up in the basement. In today’s episode, my sister, Caroline DeCesare, and I are going to explain how professionals in our respective lines of work can actually make each other’s work better by collaborating. 


[0:01:44] An introduction to today’s guest, an interior designer who is not only my sister but also one of my favorite people in the world!   

[0:02:32] Tension that often exists in the relationship between interior designers and portrait photographers.  

[0:04:02] Why Caroline makes sure to incorporate family’s portraits in her interior designs. 

[0:04:36] Frustrations that Caroline has with the work of some portrait photographers. 

[0:07:17] The importance of curation in both portrait photography and interior design.  

[0:09:46] How portrait photographers and interior designers can work together to fulfil their client’s vision. 

[0:12:11] Caroline’s approach to her first meeting with a client.

[0:13:55] Why Caroline always likes to visit the current home of the client whose future house she is designing. 

[0:17:10] What portrait photographers can learn from visiting their clients’ homes.   

[0:18:12] Tray’s that Caroline uses to help her clients figure out what they want.

[0:21:03] Learnings that Caroline has had about attachment.   

[0:23:43] How I make my clients feel comfortable enough to tell me if they don’t like the photographs that I’ve taken of them. 

[0:25:22] Caroline explains how she makes sure her designs will stand the test of time.

[0:27:16] The timeless portraits that our mother had taken of us.  

[0:30:11] Popular and unpopular time periods in the family life cycle for portraits. 

[0:31:31] Fears that Caroline has around being photographed. 

[0:33:48] Advice from Caroline about how portrait photographers and interior designers should work together.  

[0:35:54] The positive engagement that I recently had with an interior designer. 

[0:38:00] A mindset shift that portrait photographers and interior designers need to have when entering into a project.