It’s the Little Things: Spoiling Your Clients

Guest: Kathryn Langsford

Owner of Photos by Kathryn
Vancouver, Canada

DATE: August 5, 2021

While there are a million ways that we can spoil our clients, it took years of experience, and testing a variety of different approaches before Kathryn Langsford figured out what “spoiling strategies” made the most impact, and we’ve brought her onto the show today to get the goods.

In this episode Kathryn shares how she shifted her mindset about gifting clients at the end of a job. Instead of giving away branded merchandise, small photographic items, or even bottles of champagne, Kathryn focuses instead on creating layer upon layer of unparalleled service, and focusing on Every. Little. Thing. 


[0:02:35] Ways that photographers can spoil their clients, and the approach that Kathryn has found to have the greatest impact.   

[0:05:30] Examples of how Kathryn goes the extra mile for her clients in terms of her service offering.  

[0:07:05] Rules that have been put in place in Kathryn’s studio, and the atmosphere that is created as a result. 

[0:09:44] The importance of the initial consultation with a client. 

[0:10:44] Vetting of other professionals that Kathryn does so that her clients don’t have to. 

[0:13:57] Examples of assumptions that Kathryn’s clients often used to make.

[0:15:48] Kathryn shares how she handles situations where the husband isn’t committed to the family photography session. 

[0:19:38] How Kathryn uses humor in her sessions to ease the mood. 

[0:21:10] Examples of jokes that I use in my sessions, and the value that I see in doing this.  

[0:23:33] Extra special touches that Tim Walden adds to his portraits. 

[0:24:12] A 6-month job Kathryn did for a client, and the moment which blew the client’s mind. 

[0:28:05] Gifts that Kathryn has given her clients in the past, and why she stopped this practice.   

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