Building Value

Guest: Brad Leavitt

President | AFT Construction
Scottsdale, Arizona

DATE: July 29, 2021

It may not seem like building homes has much to do with portrait photography, but the strategies used by luxury custom home builder Brad Leavitt, can certainly be transferred to the photography industry, and will likely have lots of benefits, which is why we’ve brought him onto the show today.

Building a house can be a very daunting process, but through his emphasis on education, transparency and communication, Brad builds the trust of his prospective clients before he even meets them. He does this through utilizing the full power of social media, as you will hear in today’s episode.

We also discuss the importance of managing clients’ expectations, why you need to be clear about who your ideal client is and what value you can offer them, and the responsibility that lies with you as a professional, no matter what industry you work in.



[0:01:04] How building luxury custom homes relates to the business of portrait photography.

[0:02:13] Brad Levitt, today’s guest, shares the upsides and downsides he is experiencing in his business right now.

[0:03:45] The value of social media that so many people fail to see.

[0:04:55] Lack of progress in the construction industry.

[0:07:44] Ways that Brad’s social media account has helped other contractors.

[0:08:30] How Brad builds trust with his prospective clients through social media before he meets them.

[0:10:59] The important lesson that Brad was taught by one of his first clients.

[0:13:48] Translating building industry pain points into the portrait photography world.

[0:14:22] Why managing expectations is a key to success.

[0:16:18] Information that Brad acquires from his clients before he starts building.

[0:17:03] What Brad ensures his clients are aware of before the project begins.

[0:19:52] The importance of having a deep understanding of your business, and who your ideal client is.

[0:23:34] Characteristics of Brad’s ideal clients.

[0:25:31] How Brad’s ideal clients compare to my ideal clients.

[0:28:07] Value that Brad offers to his clients.

[0:30:30] The educational role that professionals need to hold with their clients.

[0:32:54] Mistakes that Brad made which encouraged him develop a system.

[0:34:00] How Brad trying to change the perception of the construction industry.

[0:34:46] A recent mistake made by a member of Brad’s team, and how he dealt with it.

[0:35:31] Responsibility that we should all feel towards our clients, and how to act on this.

[0:38:00] Where you can get in touch with Brad, and the social media firm that he uses.

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