How to Never Say No

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Client Coordinator | ATJ Photo
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: July 22, 2021


Nobody likes to be said no to, particularly paying clients. That’s why I don’t ever say it. Don’t believe me? Listen to this episode to hear examples of all the things I will say to clients instead of saying no.

I’m in the hot seat today, with Jessica Mackey, our client coordinator, asking the questions. We’re having this discussion to share with you how we deal with clients who make requests for things outside of the scope of work that we do, in the hope that this information will be helpful for you the next time you get requests of a similar nature.

Just because I never say no, doesn’t mean I always say yes. It is our responsibility as photographers to give clients the best experience possible, and that sometimes means guiding them in a new direction.



[0:01:31] An introduction to today’s guest, Jessica Mackey, and the topic of today’s discussion.

[0:02:07] My opinion on saying no to clients.

[0:03:31] The answer I would give to a client who asks for the digitals, instead of saying no.

[0:04:16] How I would respond to a client who asks for a Saturday shoot.

[0:06:23] An example of what I would say to a client who asks me to travel to a remote location for a shoot.

[0:09:21] The responsibility that you have to your clients to provide them with the best service, and guide them in the right direction in terms of the types of photographs they want.

[0:12:49] When someone asks for a special type of shoot, it’s so important to ensure you know what they are really asking for.

[0:15:40] An example of a time when I turned away a client asking for holidays cards.

[0:18:20] How I make my shoots a special, memorable experience.

[0:20:49] A rundown of how to approach a conversation with a potential client asking for something outside of your usual scope of work.

[0:23:34] The physical reaction that Allison has to an unusual request.

[0:25:55] How Allison deals with clients who say they want time to think about which photos they want to buy.

[0:28:30] Building relationships with clients is a long game.