Seeing is Believing

Guest: Julia Woods

Owner | Beautiful Outcome
Northern California

DATE: July 8, 2021

We all know the feeling of being unable to make changes in our lives because we are scared of what the outcome will be. That fear of change exists because we have given too much control to our ego and have fallen into the trappings of a fixed mindset. 

Julia Woods joins me on The Rework today to share the inspirational story of how she rid herself of her limiting beliefs and replaced them with a growth mindset (which you will learn more about today). In doing so she transformed her photography business from a $350 sale average to a $5000 sale average and began to live her life the way she truly wanted to. We discuss the reasons that Julia undercharged for her services for so long, the life changing moment when she realized her worth, and the ways that she altered her business model accordingly.

A few years ago, Julia sold her incredibly successful photography business, and now works as a coach, helping others to reach their full potential and find their own version of success. Julia’s philosophy is based on a “believing is seeing” approach, which involves finding the courage to take small steps in the pursuit of your goals and remaining authentic in all your endeavours. 


[0:00:59] What you can expect to learn in this episode from today’s inspirational guest, Julia Woods.

[0:03:16] Julia explains how she and her husband became wedding photographers. 

[0:04:37] Growth that Julia’s business experienced, while they remained poor. 

[0:05:31] Reasons that Julia and her husband believed were responsible for the minimal rewards they were receiving for their hard work. 

[0:06:29] How Julia came to realize what she needed to do to get her business on the right track.  

[0:09:00] The ultimatum that Julia set for herself.

[0:10:55] Julia’s first step in changing her beliefs about herself, after always believing she was not worthy. 

[0:12:45] Ways that our ego prevents us from changing our beliefs. 

[0:15:18] How Julia’s commitment to authenticity completely changed the trajectory of her business.

[0:16:52] The three pricing tiers that made up Julia’s business.

[0:18:31] Julia’s decision to add projection to her services. 

[0:21:04] Relationship building that Julia did with her clients, and the difference this made to her business.

[0:24:08] How a natural disaster highlighted the immense value that clients attribute to Julia’s photographs. 

[0:26:24] When Julia changed her business model, her clients became her top marketers.

[0:29:33] Julia explains why a fixed mindset is the biggest hindrance to us reaching our full potential.

[0:31:51] How a growth mindset helps us continually move forward. 

[0:33:40] The “fraud message” that often arises in Julia’s sessions as a transformational coach, and advice she gives her clients to help them through this. 

[0:36:41] A question to ask yourself when feel afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.

[0:37:45] Seeing is believing versus believing is seeing. 

[0:41:08] The belief that Julia had in me, before I believed in myself.

[0:44:01] How I approached my clients after my coaching session with Julia. 

[0:47:36] Where you can connect with Julia. 

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