Building a Business with a Heart

Guest: Steve Saporito

Owner of Steven Saporito Education
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

DATE: July 1, 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a business that fully aligns with what you love and services clients in a way that THEY love? Today I chat with photography business coach Steve Saporito from Melbourne, Australia who believes that these goals are not only possible but how it should be done.

Steve believes that it’s easy to blame the economy and other external variables when experiencing lack of success in your portrait studio but it all comes back to what we believe.

“There’s a belief in our industry that you could never sell your business.” He argues that if you build your portrait studio from the ground up AS a business, it becomes a revenue producing asset that can eventually be sold.

We explore many topics relating to money, mindset and creating value.
Topics like:

  • Paying yourself first
  • Making sure your business can support itself AND you
  • Pricing for the value you are providing your clients
  • How to discover what is most important to your client
  • Building in the value from the very first phone call

He busts a few photo industry myths along the way.
Myths like:

  • You can’t sell a photography studio business.
  • It’s impossible to make a good living as a portrait photographer.
  • COVID has ruined the photo industry.


[03:00] Why professional photographers believe they can’t make a great living from portrait photography.

[06:34] Why you must build your business to pay yourself first.

[10:53] The importance of building value for your client and pricing accordingly.

[12:47] Building and celebrating relationships with your clients.

[14:40] How to guide clients through the purchasing process.

[18:21] Photography and the images for your clients is about more than the photo.

[21:16] Why the Lead-up to your photography session is essential to the images and the sale.

[26:32] Building long-term relationships with your clients.

[34:43] Celebrating your current clients and their value in your business.

[41:14] Spending money on the family, not just another piece of wall art.

[48:18] Coming out of COVID and why many portrait photographers are having their best year ever.

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Memorable Quotes:

“As an industry we don’t think of what we do as a business, we look at it as a lifestyle.”
Steve Saporito

“Your revenue generating asset is also paying you a wage or salary and then making a profit after it’s paid you.”
-Steve Saporito

“When we are running our business not only are we paying ourself a salary, but our business is also making money.”
-Steve Saporito