Having a Successful Initial Client Call

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Client Coordinator | ATJ Photo
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: June 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered if you can create a business out of portrait photography? You may want to increase your income, and your first thoughts are to find more clients. However, instead of having more clients, consider getting better clients. Or do you need a better way of doing business that attracts great clients who love what you do and see the value in it? Today I’m with my client coordinator Jessica, and we will chat about client contact and find your best clients!

When she first started, Jessica was terrified of calling new clients. “I did everything I could to put off making that phone call.” Of course, there were certain types of questions that were scarier to the field than others. “When anybody talked about investment, the cost and expense. That’s something that has to be addressed early on and depending on how the conversation goes, it sets the tone for the rest of the phone call.”

She soon found that focusing on connection creates a sense of value for new leads who called about service inquiries. Jessica also realized the value in relating to potential clients from a parent’s perspective, adding more connection points. “You’re looking for ways to validate and make it clear that you want to know more. Setting a feeling of caring about the person on the other line gives them a phenomenal first experience, setting the expectations for future points of contact and service.

Jessica’s experience has shown that focusing on clients and not focusing on yourself is the most effective way to achieve new client buy-in. “Everything you say to the client has to circle back to them.” This is about them, not you, so make sure you always refer back to the person you are talking to.

Listen in to find out why you need to be mindful of client contact calls, how multitasking affects potential client calls, and how to answer the most difficult questions a potential customer can ask you. Learn how to ask more questions and dig deeper into the initial consultation and the importance of transparency in your business.


[0:03:40] Jessica’s first experience with new client calls.

[0:06:08] What she was trying to avoid when she was postponing calling new clients.

[0:07:52] Scariest questions to field when Jessica was taking calls.

[0:12:51] Leading the conversation asking details to make a connection.

[0:15:58] Relating to clients from a parent’s perspective.

[0:19:03] Using the initial consult to reconnect with clients when they are planning their shoot.

[0:22:42] Why you should assume that everyone is your client.

[0:24:00] How to answer the most difficult questions clients will ask you.

[0:29:12] The client’s contact sequence of events and how to set up appointments.

[0:32:06] Little nuances in your conversation make the biggest difference.

[0:38:09] Other than price, what is the second most difficult conversation to have with a potential client.

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