Preventing Client Problems BEFORE They Happen

With Allison Tyler Jones

Owner | ATJ Photo & The ReWork
Gilbert, Arizona

DATE: April 18, 2024

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Nobody wants problems with clients.
Many of us are sensitive, creative souls who prefer to avoid conflict at all costs.

But the reality is, client problems will still happen.

The key is to prevent as many of them as possible BEFORE they arise. 

In this episode, we’ll explore the “Five C’s” of getting out ahead of client problems: 


By implementing these Five C’s in your photography business, you’ll not only anticipate, but prevent client problems, while you enhance your processes and client relationships over time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The Five C’s to prevent client problems
  • Ways to implement each part of the process
  • How to handle mistakes that can actually boost your image

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:33] – Number 1: Clarity. Make it clear what you do and how you do it.
  • [3:54] – Sometimes it can be very confusing when we want to change things. We need to be clear.
  • [4:59] – Number 2: Have a voice-to-voice conversation, not just a text or an email.
  • [7:08] – Don’t just send a price list as a response to an email or DM.
  • [8:10] – Number 3: Have a client consultation. This is where we put together a game plan.
  • [9:25] – If the client consultation goes well, you’ll have a new loyal client or clients will weed themselves out.
  • [11:52] – Number 4: Confront the elephant in the room. These are the frequently asked difficult questions. We know they’re coming.
  • [13:03] – Not talking about digital files and pricing will only create a disappointed client. Don’t be afraid to confront these two items early.
  • [15:06] – Even if they haven’t asked about the price, we confront it right away.
  • [18:04] – It is recommended to define the scope of work and dive into the details later.
  • [19:10] – Number 5: Closure. This phase looks like an assessment.
  • [20:40] – If something goes wrong, sit in the discomfort and find where it went wrong.
  • [21:47] – The way you handle a mistake can be your best marketing.
  • [27:27] – There’s no wasted experience unless we’re unwilling to learn from it.
  • [28:42] – Employing these Five C’s in your business will make your process better and better every time. You will improve exponentially and so quickly.

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