10 Ideas to 10X Your Marketing

With Allison Tyler Jones

Owner | ATJ Photo & The ReWork
Gilbert, Arizona

DATE: October 19, 2023

Welcome to the 100th episode of the ReWork! It’s exciting to have made it this far and I have you, our listeners, to thank for listening and our many guests for lending their expertise. It’s been 2 years of crafting information with one goal in mind: 

To help portrait photographers:

Uniquely Brand, 

Profitably Price 

and Confidently Sell 

their Best Work! 

With that in mind, I wanted our 100th episode to be dedicated to you, our listeners. 

One of our very most requested topics is, of course, Marketing. It’s the shiny new thing that we all like to chase. We love to hear about new ways to get our message out. Social media tricks, marketing funnels, SEO optimization, etc. etc. 

The methods may change with technology – but the core principles remain the same because we are HUMAN BEINGS talking to other human beings. 

We all want to get noticed, and “get our name out there.” 

What I hear most often from photographers, “I just need MORE clients!”  or “I need NEW clients!” 

If we’re really smart, we know we need to get noticed by the right people–the best people for our particular business and in today’s episode, our 100th episode, I’m going to talk about how to do just that, I’m going to share 10 ways to 10X Your Marketing (and last time I checked, 10×10 = 100! That’s math that even I can do!) 10 Marketing Ideas that have changed my marketing from a spray and pray attempt to get anyone and everyone to a targeted, intentional effort that speaks to and attracts the very best clients for MY BUSINESS

Join me as I count down 10 Marketing Ideas that will 10x your marketing. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [3:05] – Number 10: Clarity and Communication. 
  • [4:23] – Slow down and double check written communication to ensure that it conveys exactly what you want to communicate.
  • [5:47] – Allison recommends the book Everybody Writes and the website Grammarly for support in written communication.
  • [7:22] – AI tools like ChatGPT are also very helpful.
  • [8:46] – Number 9: Define “more”. What does “more” mean to you?
  • [10:24] – In 2022, 75% of Allison’s clients were return clients. So her marketing focus is targeted on people who have booked her before.
  • [13:01] – Number 8: Speak to someone. When you are posting on social media, think about the clients you want to bring in as a client and speak to them.
  • [15:14] – Allison describes the ideal client for her services.
  • [16:57] – Number 7: Create a database. This database is your business.
  • [18:40] – Check out The Pumpkin Plan Spreadsheet that allows you to rate your clients in interesting ways to help organize your database.
  • [20:12] – Number 6: Use your database and follow up!
  • [21:49] – Allison uses her database to create her calendar. If she waited till clients called her, there wouldn’t be many scheduled.
  • [27:02] – Number 5: Create a plan. Set aside marketing time every week.
  • [28:29] – Number 4: Anticipate client needs. Think about existing clients and what your ideas are for their next shoot before contacting them.
  • [29:36] – Think about every little thing that a client could need or want before they think about it themselves.
  • [31:11] – You don’t have to implement all the new things at once. Add something new every year and keep building.
  • [33:16] – Number 3: Run it all through your brand filter.
  • [34:25] – If something trendy doesn’t match your brand, don’t do it.
  • [35:02] – Number 2: Slow down and make it simple.
  • [37:29] – A creator needs to be fully present and connected.
  • [39:15] – Number 1: Make the value mindshift. If you don’t believe it, no one else will.
  • [40:50] – Clients want and need to be reminded and contacted.
  • [42:17] – If we’ve created a memorable experience, odds are, the clients will be returning for more.

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