Selling and Streamlining with Software

Guests: Maureen Sullivan &
Michele Cardamone

Owner | Maureen Bridget Photography
Monson, Massachusetts

Owner | Michele Cardamone Photography
Aspen, Colorado

DATE: March 2, 2023

When it comes to the software we use to manage our business, some make our lives easier and some don’t. And whether you are a solopreneur or manage a team, new to the business or a veteran, software can make or break the systems you use to be successful.

So what software can not only streamline the business but can also help us sell? We’ve got two portrait photographers on the podcast today to talk about just that and we are discussing ProSelect, the industry standard for selling portraits; and we’ll also look at CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and how to decide which is best for your business. 

Maureen Sullivan is a software consultant and portrait photographer in the photography business for 20+ years. As a software consultant, she has helped other photographers find the right programs for their business and that’s how she met Michele Cardamone, a solopreneur portrait photographer who knew she needed something different.

In our conversation about software today, Maureen shares what is current, what people are using, what is working well, and how that will help you manage your business. And if you are like Michele, a solopreneur wearing all the hats in your business, you can learn how to streamline and work smarter, not harder. But no matter where you are in your business, you’ll learn how you can create revenue that your business needs to be profitable and sustainable and how a lot of that can be achieved using the right software.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best features of ProSelect and CRMs.
  • Common roadblocks for photographers in implementing new software.
  • Game-changing strategies to boost sales.
  • What features to look for when selecting software.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:58] – Maureen and Michelle share their background and what they specialize in as portrait photographers.
  • [05:28] – ProSelect in a nutshell can do everything from sales management, presentations, and production preparation.
  • [07:37] – Even if you outsource to a retoucher, you can still use ProSelect to streamline everything without the use of another program.
  • [08:57] – Michele was using ProSelect but knew she could be using it more effectively.
  • [10:08] – In person sales are so impactful. Digital galleries are fine, but do they serve the client?
  • [11:30] – The most common roadblock for photographers in using software and implementing in-person sales is their level of confidence.
  • [13:05] – When a piece of software has a high learning curve, it means it is robust.
  • [15:04] – People buy based on emotion. If your sales session has room views, you are showing them the products that will invoke emotion.
  • [16:40] – Michele shares client experience stories that ProSelect has helped support her in making large sales.
  • [18:17] – The in-person sales component does take some preparation.
  • [19:40] – Another game-changing piece for Michele is consultations.
  • [21:21] – Allison lists some of the ways they use ProSelect at ATJ Photography.
  • [22:55] – Maureen shares an experience with a client using room photos to envision their art in their home.
  • [24:31] – Changing the way you present images as product to your clients will change the way you sell for the better.
  • [28:14] – What works for one photographer might not work for another.
  • [30:12] – You can work with absolutely any vendor. You are not locked in to any one vendor.
  • [31:27] – When starting to use ProSelect, Allison learned one thing at a time and every year got better and better at implementing the software into her business.
  • [32:22] – Michele is a solopreneur who does it all on her own. She uses ProSelect to be more efficient and thus more successful.
  • [34:46] – Maureen explains CRMs and what she helps photographers find in a program that fits their needs.
  • [38:08] – What should you look for in a CRM?
  • [40:08] – When it comes to a CRM, you may have to use a combination of programs depending on your needs.
  • [43:51] – Invoicing through a CRM is much easier and much more accurate.
  • [45:36] – Once you have momentum, it’s hard to find the time to improve systems. Prepare with a foundation now.
  • [47:42] – New software is not just for new business owners.
  • [49:09] – Maureen recommends starting with implementing ProSelect first and start learning.
  • [52:19] – Just the exercise of going through your products to put into new software is eye-opening.

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