Building a Sustainable Business

Guest: Tania Gaylor

Owner | Tania Gaylor Photography
Westlakes, SA, Australia

DATE: March 30, 2023

The definition of a sustainable business might be:

  • we’re making money
  • our bills are paid
  • we’re feeling fulfilled. 

But the true test of sustainability is challenging times. It might be global (pandemic anyone?); it might be national (economic uncertainty); or it might be personal adversity in our lives.

Today’s guest, Tania Gaylor, is no stranger to adversity of many kinds in the last few years, but through it all she has built a business that has sustained both her and her family through the ups and downs and has given her the opportunity to have the space she needed to heal.

Tania is a member of our Mindshift Membership community and a student of The Art of Selling Art course. She is a portrait photographer in Australia and has owned her business for 15 years. She maintains that through strong relationship building and caring for herself and her clients, her business has stayed afloat when she needed it the most. I know you’ll find so much inspiration here. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a sustainable business through relationship building
  • What adversity can do to your business
  • What to do in uncomfortable situations with clients
  • How to care for yourself when you need the space

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:53] – Tania runs a portrait studio out of her home in Australia.
  • [04:36] – At the moment, Tania is working her business part time after experiencing very challenging years.
  • [06:38] – Through the relationships she built with her clients, they understood that Tania needed time and space.
  • [09:05] – Tania attributes her success in building a sustainable career even when times were tough to treating her clients like friends.
  • [10:47] – Sometimes it feels hard to charge for things you love to do. 
  • [12:22] – Tania shares that for a while, she did not take new clients, but started to connect with other people through shared emotions.
  • [13:13] – Tania describes an uncomfortable situation she experienced as a business owner.
  • [16:57] – There will be times where it is tempting to break your own rules, but Tania explains what she should have done differently in her situation.
  • [19:53] – It’s impossible to over communicate. Reiterate and review everything you tell your clients to avoid misunderstanding.
  • [22:18] – It’s all about caring; caring for yourself and your clients.
  • [23:18] – Tania’s recent difficult time could have destroyed her business, but she built something that was sustainable through it all.

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