Training Your Clients Part 2: Retraining Yourself

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Director of Development | The ReWork
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: September 22, 2022

In Part 2 of our Training Your Clients Series, Jessica Mackey joins me again to explore the next step in training our clients, which is a step backwards in order to move forward.

Before we can train our clients, we must first retrain ourselves

Retraining ourselves means getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on who we are and what we do. So clear, in fact, that answers to difficult questions roll off our tongues with ease. No longer are we stammering or giving overly defensive answers when a client asks for “digitals only.” 

Instead, we can answer any question or objection confidently and clearly, because we are in control of our process and our business. This provides the best possible experience for our clients because they know what to expect (no unwelcome surprises) and they can relax and feel taken care of.

That all sounds good but how do we get from here to there? 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take a minute to gather your thoughts before answering ANY question
  • Recognize the value of the service you are providing your clients
  • Provide context for clients and communicate the value of your work
  • Set boundaries through an intentional process
  • Avoid becoming defensive

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:02] – Before we train our clients, we need to retrain ourselves.
  • [3:17] – We can’t always control an initial reaction, but take a beat before you respond to something.
  • [4:35] – How have you given a client the impression that something is okay?
  • [6:31] – Allison and Jessica discuss how to handle things in the moment.
  • [7:47] – Sometimes, you’ll find yourself getting defensive.
  • [9:47] – It is not helpful to get mad at yourself or the client.
  • [11:10] – Provide context and communicate the value.
  • [13:08] – We have a tendency to minimize our contribution.
  • [15:10] – The ability to listen and make a client feel relaxed is so valuable.
  • [17:14] – No matter how different we are, we always have the ability to communicate.
  • [18:20] – If you have an intentional process that you can effectively communicate, you have already set your boundaries.
  • [19:21] – Tighten up on some things you might have gotten a little more lax about.
  • [20:40] – Some things are easy to put off.
  • [22:08] – Leads go cold the longer you put them off.
  • [23:46] – The next part of this series is how to retrain a client’s thinking.

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