Training Your Clients Part 1: Check Your Messaging

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Director of Development | The ReWork
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: September 15, 2022

Are you constantly getting questions about services you don’t want to provide? 

Are you working in a way that follows your clients’ rules and not your own? 

Why is this happening? 

More than likely, you are sending the wrong message to clients. 

Crafting an unparalleled experience for your clients means educating them first. 

Before you can spoil the heck out of them, they first need to know HOW IT WORKS AROUND HERE.

In the first episode of a four part series, our own Jessica Mackey, former Client Coordinator at ATJ Photo and now Content Developer at the ReWork, joins the conversation, which is a 4 part series on training and educating your clients.

Part 1 of that training begins with checking your messaging. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get ahead of difficult questions
  • Reflect on current experiences to find the problem with messaging
  • Make your posts on social media and on your website match your message
  • Get your messaging right

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:54] – As the former Client Coordinator at ATJ, Jessica has a lot of experience talking to all types of clients.
  • [4:47] – The photography industry has made it difficult to set boundaries.
  • [6:09] – Many photographers let clients make the rules, but most clients don’t want that.
  • [8:04] – Portrait clients need guidance.
  • [9:27] – It’s up to us and that’s a good thing because you can give the best result.
  • [10:48] – Jessica expects a surgeon to answer questions and explain it all. Similarly, a photography session needs to be walked through.
  • [13:18] – You don’t have to be bossy. It’s about making the experience the best for your clients.
  • [14:49] – Be constantly vigilant about what your messaging is saying.
  • [16:16] – Your social media posts show what you do. If you don’t want to do something specific, don’t post it.
  • [17:34] – Check your messaging, but also check in with yourself on your rules and boundaries. Is what you’re doing now working?
  • [18:30] – “We do things a little differently than most photographers.”
  • [20:21] – FADQ are Frequently Asked Difficult Questions. Jessica shares the common ones they get at ATJ.
  • [22:43] – If someone comments that things are too expensive, don’t get defensive. Agree because it is expensive because it’s valuable.
  • [25:17] – Communicate how you work, how you’re different, and don’t wait till they ask. But don’t overwhelm them with too much at once.
  • [26:40] – Communicating your process is giving your client enough information to get them to the next step.
  • [28:09] – The first step in training your clients is checking your messaging.
  • [29:44] – The next step in training your clients is actually retraining yourself.

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