Branding with a Smile

Guest: Dr. Stuart Frost

Owner | Frost Nichols Orthodontics
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: June 2, 2022

As business owners, it can be tempting to come into an industry and simply do what everyone else is doing. We often look for plug and play “best practices” for our businesses based on industry standards. 

But what if industry standards don’t match the standards we have for ourselves?

When Dr. Stuart Frost came into the field of orthodontics, the typical business model was to work in volume. The goal was to get a higher quantity of patients at lower fees. But Dr. Frost quickly realized that this wasn’t how he wanted to do business. He wanted to have higher QUALITY and less clients at higher fees. 

Sound familiar?

Like many photographers struggling to make this same type of transition for their clients, Dr. Frost faced challenges in building the business he wanted. Through extensive research, reading, and education, he came to understand the power of actionable goals, positive daily affirmations, intentional business practices, and building his brand.

Dr. Stuart Frost is the owner of Frost-Nichols Orthodontics and the man behind “The Frost Smile.” He is known as the Artist Orthodontist and lectures internationally, teaching orthodontists to build better businesses. 

What sets Dr. Frost apart is his strength in developing relationships, building trust, and making very intentional decisions.

Our conversation will empower you to change how you think about yourself, your business, and your brand. And it will definitely leave you wishing your orthodontist had this level of customer service. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Value your worth
  • Live to be good instead of striving for perfection
  • Have a strong rationale behind every business decision
  • Create a brand that boosts word-of-mouth marketing
  • Change lives through artistry

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [3:36] – Dr. Frost shares his background and how he knew there was something more for him than general dentistry.
  • [5:00] – For a photoshoot with his family, the first time Dr. Frost and Allison met, he was already known as The Artist Orthodontist.
  • [6:00] – Allison’s comment when they first met, changed the trajectory of Dr. Frost’s business and brand.
  • [7:55] – Early on in his career, he knew he had thoughts and dreams of being the best orthodontist in the world.
  • [9:00] – Dr. Frost recommends the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • [10:53] – Dr. Frost has always been interested in quality over quantity. 
  • [13:20] – When something is easy for us, we devalue it.
  • [14:47] – Any time you do a photoshoot, you change lives.
  • [16:06] – The value isn’t just taking a photo, it’s capturing every family’s different story and creating an experience.
  • [17:27] – Covid has made us all a little crazy and some people may not feel good about themselves. Connecting with them makes an impact.
  • [19:46] – Dr. Frost and Allison both recommend the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.
  • [23:18] – In the book and the website for the book, you can find out how to “operate out of the sage.”
  • [24:43] – If we are relying on others to fill our cup, it will never be full.
  • [26:20] – Look at photos of yourself as a child. How would you talk to that child?
  • [27:27] – It is hard to be good to others if you are not good to yourself.
  • [28:40] – Our brains were developed to either be in fight or flight. We have to train our brains.
  • [31:46] – Even God doesn’t say something is perfect. You do not have to be perfect. Live to be good.
  • [35:08] – There’s a very strong rationale behind everything that Dr. Frost does.
  • [36:37] – Branding wasn’t initially something on Dr. Frost’s radar. He took courses when people were approaching him for “Frost Smiles.”
  • [38:20] – The Frost Smiles Instagram feed is an incredible textbook example of the right things to do on social media in branding.
  • [40:31] – In photography, a social media feed may just show pretty pictures. But ask yourself what the pretty picture is going to do for the client?
  • [41:10] – Allison helped Dr. Frost set up a studio for taking photos of his work.
  • [42:55] – In the world of orthodontics, there is sometimes a lengthy referral process. However, 80% or more of Dr. Frost’s clients come from word of mouth.
  • [44:12] – Allison recommends the book Anything You Want by Derek Sivers.
  • [45:52] – Discounts and deals are tempting, but are not always recommended.
  • [47:25] – It’s not what you do, it’s how you make the client feel.
  • [49:05] – The ability to create trust might be something you have to develop.
  • [50:37] – When it comes to relationships, slow is fast. Be fully present.
  • [52:45] – Dr. Frost has an identical twin brother who is a dentist that Allison has seen as well. Their relationship building skills are different. Be yourself.
  • [54:50] – The term “Frost Smiles” was client created.
  • [56:15] – Really good branding is how your client feels when in the presence of your brand.
  • [58:18] – Words have immense power.

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