Simplifying Everything

Guest: Julie Collins

Photographer | Julie Collins Photography
Oconomowoc, WI

DATE: February 22, 2022

This podcast is the final episode in a four part series featuring graduates of the ReWork’s Art of Selling Art business course. These students have spent the last six months ReWorking their businesses and applying the concepts they’ve learned in the course.

As a part of each interview in the series, I ask each Art of Selling Art Graduate three questions:
1) How did principles in the Art of Selling Art course change your business or mindset?
2) If a Genie appeared, what is something you wish you could fix in your business?
3) And what advice or encouragement do you have for struggling photographers?

Their answers will enlighten you and inspire you to ask tough questions of yourself about your own portrait business. 

Today I talk with Julie Collins. After 10 years doing portrait photography in Wisconsin, Julie found her sales averages were stuck, never quite getting past $2-$3K. Yet she knew they could be higher. With her kids quickly growing up and involved in team sports, she also wanted more flexibility to be there for her family. 

By applying what she learned in the Art of Selling Art, a business course for photographers, Julie was able to simplify her messaging, rework her words, overcome her mental barriers, and raise her prices in order to double her sales averages and for the first time, break the six-figure income barrier for her studio. 

As her business continues to grow, Julie shares the importance of simplifying EVERYTHING in order to maximize her time and talents for their best and highest use. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:47] An introduction to today’s guest, Julie Collins. 
  • [03:04] The photography niches that Julie focuses on, and the business anniversary that is coming up for her. 
  • [04:33] How Julie’s average sale has increased over the past few months. 
  • [05:21] One of the most important lessons Julie learned during the Art of Selling Art course. 
  • [07:57] The danger of comparing yourself to others. 
  • [09:53] What drove Julie to increase her average sale, and the elements of her business that she wants to work on this year.  
  • [12:12] Value that lies in client communication, and how Julie has changed her approach since attending the Art of Selling Art course. 
  • [18:15] Fear that prevents people from making changes in their businesses, and how Julie overcame that fear. 
  • [20:19] People that Julie would like to add to her team this year, and why.
  • [22:51] Challenges that Julie faces in terms of scheduling, and my advice on how to deal with them.
  • [28:51] Advice from Julie for any photographers who are struggling with the business side of photography. 

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