Connecting to Why

Guest: Jaime Seymour-Newton

Photographer | Jaime Seymour-Newton Photography
Palmetto Bay, Florida

DATE: February 10, 2022

This podcast episode is the first in a four part series featuring graduates of the ReWork’s Art of Selling Art Business course. These students have spent the last six months ReWorking their businesses and applying the concepts they’ve learned in the course.

As a part of each interview in the series, I ask each Art of Selling Art Graduate three questions:

1) How did principes in the Art of Selling Art course change your business or mindset? 

2)If a genie appeared, what is something you wish you could fix in your business? 

3) And what advice or encouragement do you have for struggling photographers?

Their answers will enlighten you and and inspire you to ask tough questions of your own. 

First up is Jaime Seymour-Newton, a long-time photographer who was finally forced to ask herself “Why am I still doing photography?”  This process led to some significant changes in her business that more than doubled her income and created space in her life for a dream opportunity.

This is an episode that will have you taking a hard look at your business and reconnecting to your very individual WHY behind it all. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [03:20] Get to know Jaime, her passions, and what her photography career has looked like. 
  • [04:45] How Jaime was feeling before she attended the Art of Selling Art class in comparison to how she is feeling now.
  • [06:10] Jaime explains how her approach to customer relations has changed since taking the class.
  • [08:36] The difference that Jaime has seen in her sales averages. 
  • [09:41] Two of the biggest lessons that Jaime learned through the Art of Selling Art.  
  • [10:39] Responses that Jaime received from potential clients when she expanded her offerings. 
  • [11:33] Elements of Jaime’s business that she is still struggling with. 
  • [14:11] Jaime’s inner dialogue when the topic of pricing comes up with clients, and how she combats it. 
  • [17:38] The worst reaction that Jaime has ever received from a client, and my advice to her on how to deal with those kinds of situations. 
  • [19:25] Changes that need to be made alongside a price increase. 
  • [20:53] The exciting new opportunity that has come up for Jaime.  
  • [22:13] How I see Jaime’s life playing out. 
  • [23:30] The Masterclass that I am currently offering, and where you can sign up. 
  • [26:30] My advice to Jaime about how to approach the social media element of her business. 
  • [27:52] Differences between the amount Jaime makes in the various facets of her business. 
  • [30:32] Why Jaime is struggling to let go of her school photography contract, and a plan to help her break away. 
  • [36:34] The moment I decided I would never photograph another wedding, and how my career changed after that. 
  • [39:40] Value in looking backwards to see how far you have really come. 
  • [41:38] Advice from Jaime for any photographers who are in need of a little push! 
  • [43:47] The “why” that inspires Jaime to do what she does. 

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