Clarifying Your Client Communication

Guest: Kathryn Langsford

Owner of Photos by Kathryn
Vancouver, Canada

DATE: February 3, 2022

As artists, we are experts at composition and lighting. We plan and prepare for our shoots with precision and intention. We know what we are looking to accomplish and we use our vast technical knowledge to create something truly beautiful. 

Windy skies? No problem. Crying toddler? We’ve got this. 

A client complaint?

Well…now we get uncomfortable.

Part of owning and running our own business means that we HAVE to be just as intentional with our words as we are with our lighting. Just as careful selecting the correct mode of communication as we would be choosing a location for our shoot. 

In today’s podcast, I talk with Kathryn Langsford about clarifying client communication, developing higher-end language, and tips to maximize your messaging. 


[01:01] The very distracting world that we live in, and what you can expect from today’s episode. 

[02:48] How Kathryn and I help each other refine our communication with clients. 

[03:30] Examples of breakdowns in communication. 

[04:57] How the type of business you are running should dictate the way you communicate. 

[06:43] Why Kathryn chose to create email templates to be used for client communication. 

[08:37] What the format of your email templates should look like, and the kind of information that they should be providing your clients with. 

[10:12] The responsibility that sits with us as professionals in the photography realm.

[13:03] Stories we make up about why our clients aren’t responsive, and what the real explanation usually is. 

[14:31] Examples of the words that Kathryn chooses to use when she communicates with clients. 

[17:11] Why it is so important to take communication into consideration when dealing with clients. 

[18:41] “A lot of little;” what this concept looks like in action, and how we respond when we are confronted with it. 

[24:27] The importance of clarifying with your clients what you think they are saying.

[25:13] How Kathryn decides which communication channel to use with each client. 

[27:37] Our approaches to reaching out to clients who haven’t responded to a previous communication. 

[31:31] Differences between client communication and casual communication. 

[35:30] An overview of the key factors that result in effective client communication. 

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