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Educate your clients using the Ultimate Client Consultation Guide.

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Use this cheat sheet to figure out how to answer all those Frequently Asked Difficult Questions (FADQ’s) that clients come up with.



Sometimes the only way to move forward is to get out of our own way! Your Sales Sabotage Evaluation Tool will help you do just that.

The Consultation Gameplan Booklet

All in one, single booklet that the client takes with them at the end of their Consultation.

How do you get on the same page with your clients so NOTHING is left to chance?

After 13 years of revising our internal ATJ Consultation Form, Allison realized that she needed something more for her Consultations.

More than a pretty brochure, more than a price list with no context.

She needed a SINGLE PRINTED PIECE that would leave NOTHING to chance and achieve the following goals:

  • Educate clients about the pricing ranges of your products.
  • Help clients understand what you will (and won’t) be shooting for during their portrait session.
  • Ensure that clients feel confident about selecting the clothing for their session.

Part Brochure
Part Getting Ready Guide
Part Last-Minute Checklist
Part Consultation Form

All in one, single booklet that the client takes with them at the end of their Consultation.
Allison has been using and revising the ATJ Game Plan Booklet for the last 5 years and, for the first time ever, we are offering it to our ReWork Community to use in their portrait studios.

ReWork Your Marketing with Charitable Auctions

ReWork Your Marketing™ with Charitable Auctions has all the systems, documents, and templates you need to identify the best organizations to work with to build an annual pipeline of well-qualified new clients for your portrait business.

Who This is For…

You need new clients, you have good clients and you love what you do but you need MORE great clients so that your business can grow.

You feel stuck, you’ve tried donating to auctions in the past and it hasn’t gone well. Either the winners never bothered to redeem their gift certificates or the ones who did were so price-sensitive you wished you’d never met them in the first place.

You’ve always wanted to try auction marketing, but you don’t know where to start and the thought of a bunch of trial and error makes you want to go take a nap.

YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, and I’m going to tell you exactly how to ReWork Your Marketing with Charitable Auctions plus I’ll give you the tools, inspiration and support to help you bring more, well-qualified clients into your portrait studio THIS year.

The Business Course for Portrait Photographers

The Art of Selling Art

with Allison Tyler Jones

The Art of Selling Art™ is the only implementation program of its kind that shows you exactly how to Uniquely Brand, Profitably Price and Confidently Sell your Best Work to less clients than you might think, all while creating a business that supports your Family and your Dreams

Let’s Talk About Who This is Really For…

You feel stuck, you have clients and you love what you do, but you feel like you’re working way too hard for not enough money. (You might even dream about retiring your spouse to have more work/life balance.)

You’ve had success in the past, but what worked then doesn’t seem to be working now AND you’re getting discouraged. Even worse, you’re feeling BORED and wondering if you’ve become irrelevant.

You don’t currently have a thriving, profitable portrait studio that supports your family…YET, but you’d like to retool your processes, increase your sales averages AND build your business around the best possible clients.

YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE and I’m going to tell you exactly how The Art of Selling Art™ will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a profitable, sustainable portrait business.



“This is by far the best investment I have made in my portrait photography business during the digital age and has renewed my love for what I do. My confidence has grown tremendously and my sales this year are 30% higher than any of the last eight years. My averages are much higher and I am working with fewer clients, which makes life more balanced. 

The Art of Selling Art has given me the support I needed to continue to create wall art and other finished products for my clients, and to serve them at the highest level while also providing significant income for my family. I could not be happier with the results I am getting. I am so grateful to Allison and her staff for putting this together. Their love for helping photographers is very apparent. I am so glad I signed up! This is what I needed to get secure footing in my business again.”

Diane Dultmeier
Dultmeier Photography
Stuart, Florida


“What I realized after taking her class,The Art of Selling Art, was that it’s not about code cracking or magic formulas. It’s about being razor-sharp clear with what you want your business/life to look like, practicing some very specific protocols that benefit you and your clients, and educating the public about what you do. Turns out many of us are doing this whole sales thing backwards—and to the detriment of a good sale and happy clients. 

In addition to turning my beliefs about studio ownership on its ear, I was thrilled to discover that Allison gives the exact methods for making the changes you need to make to increase profits, procedural organization, and client relations. The access to her brain during the weekly calls was key with processing the extensive lessons she puts in her course. 

It’s no wonder her clients come back year after year–Allison is genuine, funny, direct (in the best possible way), and so heartfelt in her approach to helping them get what they want. She’s the real deal. I can finally say I am making the income I’ve desired all these years and creating art that brings great joy to my life. I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t learned the ATJ way. It’s been huge for me.”

Lara Blair
Lara Blair Photography
Camas, Washington


“Allison likes to say, “if it’s not heck yes, it’s no!”. Allison and ASA are a HECK YES for me all the way!! Since taking ASA this summer, my sales went up significantly. I had my 2 highest sales photographing a beauty genre. Before that was only possible for my family clients. I’m working on establishing long-term relationships with my clients and building a strong foundation for my business. Can’t wait to see my studio grow exponentially as I continue to implement what I have learned!”

Iryna Sosnovska
Iryna Sosnovska Photography
New York City, New York


“I am proud to say that I made more these past two months than I made in the past two years all together. I just am so grateful for the ReWork and this group of amazing, likeminded, talented photographers.

I learned so much these past few months about my business, sales, marketing and myself.  I was completely pushed out of my comfort zone, but had the help of the ATJ team the whole time, helping me get to the other side. If you want to make money, grow your business and value your craft-  take this class!!”

Jaime Seymour-Newton
Jaime Seymour-Newton Photography
North Carolina


“Since the first time I heard Allison teach several years ago, I told myself that if she ever did a workshop or course, I’d sign up without hesitation… and WOW, am I so glad I did! I still have so many things to implement, but having the groundwork of how she runs her successful studio has helped SO much in getting mine structured in a way that positions my business to be much more efficient and profitable. I love that everything is kept available so we can reference back to watch anything that was missed or that we need to hear again (and again)! Another great part about the program is the community within the group… It helps to know that others are in the same boat and have some of the same questions and issues along the way, which helps us all to learn from Allison and each other. So many great things have happened since starting the course that I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Karen Nicole Stenseth
Karen Nicole Photography
North Alabama & Southern Tennessee

MindShift Membership

A Fast-pass to Getting Results in Your Portrait Business

The MindShift Membership was launched as an ongoing implementation tool for graduates of the Art of Selling Art course. For those who want to fast-track their success with targeted monthly MasterClasses, Behind-theScenes video in ATJ’s Portrait Studio, PDF’s of the forms we use daily in the studio and a Live Q&A with ATJ every month to get all your questions answered; you’ll never be left on your own to figure it out. In addition, you’ll have access to our private MindShift Membership Facebook group full of motivated portrait photographers to keep you accountable and brainstorming the best ideas for your biz.

The paid monthly membership includes:

  • Week 1 = LIVE MindShift Masterclass w/ ATJ
  • Week 2 = PDF release
  • Week 3 = LIVE Q&A with ATJ
  • Week 4 = BTS video
  • Access to the private MindShift Members Facebook Group 

*NOTE: The MindShift Membership opens for enrollment only twice per year, directly following the completion of the Art of Selling Art and is available for ASA graduates only.


We made a goal last year of setting clearer expectations with our clients at the beginning of the process. We joke that we only want our clients to have good surprises, yet it’s easy to forget details between the pre-session planning meeting and the session day. The Game Plan Booklet has been a great resource that helps our clients select wardrobe, prepare for the session, look their best, comply with our policies, and understand wall art concepts and investment. Clients report that it helps them feel supported through the process of working with us. It was well worth the purchase.

 Kristen Dacey Iwai