Reinventing: From Volume Weddings to Luxury Portraits

Guest: Richard Marchisotto

Co-Owner | Sherwood Photography
Huntington, New York

DATE: February 08, 2024

Richard Marchisotto is a seasoned photographer who has been making significant shifts in his business over the past couple of years. Transitioning from a volume wedding model with multiple photographers to a luxury portrait studio,shooting less and making each session count more, Richard’s journey embodies the evolution many photographers are considering making.

As a valued member of our MindShift community and a former student of the Art of Selling Art™ course, Richard shares his experiences and the specific changes he’s implemented to transform his business.

Richard’s story is one of dedication and adaptation. Beginning his photography career at an early age and continuing his father’s studio legacy, he remains passionate about his craft and committed to excellence. During our discussion, Richard delves into the nuances of client qualification, emphasizing the significance of upfront communication and transparent pricing and shares insights into his studio’s sales process. 

In addition, Richard highlights the importance of continuous learning and innovation in the photography industry, specifically the need to stay on top of new sales techniques. Through it all, his unwavering passion for photography shines through, reminding us that success in this field requires both genuine love for the craft AND business savvy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The possibilities of shifting away from high volume weddings
  • How continuous learning impacts your business long term
  • The importance of loving what you do

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:50] – Richard shares his background and the legacy of Sherwood Photography.
  • [4:34] – The studio went from shooting hundreds of weddings per year to only 21 last year. He explains how his new pricing has made wedding shoots more of a boutique experience for clients.
  • [6:12] – Your website should be a reflection of you.
  • [8:51] – Richard describes a typical package for clients and how they’ve been able to print and design wall art in-house.
  • [11:53] – One strategy that qualifies clients as the right-fit is to be upfront with a sitting fee.
  • [13:04] – Richard shares the average sale price last year and the comparison of years past.
  • [19:56] – Richard describes how he uses proofs to help clients envision their wall art.
  • [22:09] – Going to conferences and learning about the craft is important, but what Richard is learning more about now is all about new ways to sell.
  • [24:05] – He was born into this industry and felt from the time he was very young, he loved photography. Richard says he still loves what he does everyday.
  • [27:30] – Your heart also needs to be fully in it to not only enjoy what you do but to also be successful.

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