Finding YOU in a World Full of Photographers

Guest: Anna Kraft

Owner & Portrait Artist | Anna Kraft Fine Art
Georgetown, Texas

DATE: November 09, 2023

Have you ever thought you knew how a conversation would go and then it took a surprising turn? Today’s interview with Anna Kraft did just that. The direction it went took both of us by surprise in the best of ways.

Anna Kraft has invested in top-rate education for her portrait business on her journey to find how her vision fits in a world full of photographers. What we find is that, along her education journey it’s been too easy to lose herself while listening to other people; so much so that she’s having trouble hearing her own voice.

Many of us have been there. We look at what other successful photographers are doing and try to emulate their success. Ultimately, if we’re smart, we figure out that simply we CAN’T be anybody else. 

And the good news is the reverse is also true; nobody can be us

We can take techniques and strategies from others and incorporate them—but to be authentic, we must run anything new through our brand’s filter—the way WE see things—our point of view. 

And whether you are just starting to find out what that brand is or you’re an established photographer listening to too many voices, you will find a lot of inspiration in this episode. 

And maybe, like Anna, you may already have what you’re searching for.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take strategies from other photographers and filter them through your brand. 
  • Stay true to yourself and pay attention to what lights you up.
  • Quiet the external voices and listen to yourself.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [3:45] – Photography started out as a hobby for Anna, but became a business in 2014, starting out with weddings.
  • [5:18] – Anna then learned about in-person sales and her life completely changed.
  • [7:39] – After throwing herself into education and in-person sales, and experiencing her first successes, she did not want to go back to weddings.
  • [8:52] – Anna realized that her brand wasn’t really vibing with the community.
  • [10:37] – Through some rebranding, Anna moved towards more traditional art pieces that are timeless.
  • [13:17] – With rebranding, Anna maintains her older style with current clients.
  • [15:24] – Because she is donating a lot of session certificates, Anna is finding that new clients are only coming in for the free session.
  • [19:31] – Anna has completely changed her business model.
  • [21:29] – Anna describes her consultation session.
  • [23:26] – Allison believes that Anna’s business instincts are very strong. But she’s listening to a lot of different people.
  • [31:03] – It is important to apply the education you’ve gone through to apply in your own style. Everything needs to go through your brand’s filter.
  • [32:44] – Allison proves that families do want to invest every year in portraits.
  • [34:50] – Anna has always longed for a prestigious brand and Allison truly believes she already has it.
  • [37:30] – After a challenging situation with a client, Anna felt unsettled and unsure of herself.
  • [39:14] – Education should be valued, but not everything that is successful for one brand will be successful for yours.
  • [41:30] – Anna and Allison discuss some brand inspirations and Anna’s exploration of her new style.
  • [43:09] – We are all a market of one.
  • [44:50] – Anna grew up in a bubble and has had to be so brave in learning how to have formal conversations with clients.
  • [48:03] – What is your filter? What’s your own version of the brands you admire?
  • [50:54] – There are different styles in family portraits and none of them are wrong.
  • [52:48] – Don’t start laying on language that isn’t yours. You will find your way.

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