ReWork Book Club: Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley

With Allison Tyler Jones

Owner | ATJ Photo & The ReWork
Gilbert, Arizona

DATE: October 26, 2023

Welcome to an all new ReWork Book Club Episode dedicated to one of my favorites: Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lined Up to Do Business With You by Daniel Priestley

There are so many relevant and actionable principles in this book for our industry, and I’ve chosen the top three to share with you in today’s episode. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your capacity-how many sessions can you really shoot in a week/month/year?
  • Create a philosophy for your business. Hint: The more defined it is, the better.
  • Stick to your boundaries because you can’t possibly serve everyone.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:18] – Allison is constantly asked how she finds the time to read, but she makes the time for it.
  • [3:20] – The Kindle app is extremely helpful with the ability to highlight and take notes to pull up again on your phone.
  • [5:02] – Define your capacity. Determine what amount of work you can realistically take on.
  • [6:08] – Capacity is based upon your ability to deliver a full and remarkable solution to a person who can pay for it at a price that is profitable.
  • [7:34] – Allison describes the way they have determined their capacity at the portrait studio providing services from start to finish.
  • [9:27] – You don’t need everyone because you can’t serve everyone.
  • [10:52] – Your value is much higher than you think to a small number of people.
  • [12:55] – There is power in having a philosophy. Set your boundaries and your terms, protect your space, so you can deliver something special.
  • [18:19] – A common mistake in this industry is not having a philosophy.
  • [19:51] – It is common to have fear about your philosophy turning people away. But that’s actually the point.
  • [21:14] – Providing a low barrier of entry sounds like a great idea, but being clear from the start is important.
  • [22:35] – Boundaries and rules are in place because you want to give a specific experience and you don’t want to compromise that.
  • [26:20] – Allison admits that she used to say yes to everyone and every job until she literally got sick.
  • [28:47] – Specificity and exclusivity are different concepts.
  • [29:50] – Listen to a summary of all the main points to apply to your business.

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