Believing is Seeing

Guest: Allison Gallagher

Owner | Allisonanne Studios
Hammonton, New Jersey

DATE: April 13, 2023

We’ve heard that seeing is believing. But in the case of today’s guest, Allison Gallagher, believing is seeing. 

For years, Allison ran, what she thought was, a sustainable business. But as she continued to learn and level up after becoming a Mindshift member she says, “I was doing but not believing. My mindset didn’t keep up with the growth.” Allison sits in the hot seat today and keeps it real with us as she continues to work on believing in the value she provides to clients.

Allison is the portrait photographer behind Allisonanne Studios in Hammonton, New Jersey. She recently received a challenging question from a client that we can all relate to and is seeking some guidance on how to manage the situation. So the format of this episode is a little different and you are going to learn so much through our conversation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to step out of “convincing energy” through convincing yourself
  • The value you provide to clients starts with you
  • How to effectively communicate your value
  • When it is best to say no to taking a client

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [03:16] – Allison has been in business for 16 years and describes what she specializes in.
  • [04:15] – Recently a client has asked Allison for a generational session but only wants an 11×14.
  • [05:54] – We get to decide what kind of business we’re running.
  • [07:44] – Generational sessions are more costly and with the amount of work involved, it probably isn’t worth it for just a couple of framed photos.
  • [09:31] – ATJ describes how she organizes and gets things in order during a pre-production phase of a generational session.
  • [10:53] – The first thing out of a client’s mouth isn’t typically what they want. They say what they want based on what they know.
  • [13:20] – A lot of times we feel defensive when we’re asked a question, especially when it comes to cutting costs.
  • [15:10] – When things change and we want to become defensive, we need to take a step back and have a conversation.
  • [17:01] – Don’t take on the things you don’t see the value in or you know isn’t the best for your clients.
  • [19:43] – Clients are not problem aware. It is our job to educate them.
  • [21:18] – ATJ gives a possible answer to Allison’s client question. Do you really want to spend that much money on just an 8×10?
  • [23:54] – Look at problems with the client focused mindset. 
  • [26:20] – You have to believe that you are serving the client to the best of your ability and if what they want is not the best use of your value, you might have to say no.
  • [27:41] – Our brains want to tell us all the reasons why a client would say no to something, but you can find the evidence that they’ll say yes.
  • [31:09] – We don’t have to get the point of being beaten down to set boundaries and build the business you really want.
  • [34:10] – Clients ask questions because they trust you.
  • [36:18] – Allison admits that she feels like she doesn’t add enough value for what she charges. But ATJ thinks she has the value but needs to communicate it.
  • [38:44] – What is convincing energy and how can we change it by convincing ourselves?
  • [43:09] – You weed out clients who don’t want your service by simply communicating what you offer.
  • [45:52] – Think about the ways you can make something work even when your brain is trying to show you negative evidence.
  • [47:53] – If there is anything in your life you are not happy with, change is possible. It all starts and ends with our thoughts.

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