Overcoming Fear Through Inspiration

Guest: Tim Walden

Co-Owner | Walden’s Photography & Immersion Coaching
Lexington, Kentucky
PHOTOGRAPHY: waldensphotography.com
COACHING: timwalden.com

DATE: February 09, 2023

Many things are challenging during uncertain times. Money and the stress of owning a business is usually the most talked-about. But for creatives in the photography industry, scary times can also make finding inspiration difficult. When that happens, it impacts our decision-making and we all know that those decisions might hurt our bottom line as well as our passion for what we do.

When it comes to inspiration, there’s no one better to have as a guest on The ReWork than Tim Walden. Tim Walden is the most frequently listened to and most downloaded guest in past episodes and I’m confident this will be another gem of a conversation that will leave you inspired and confident.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Accelerate through inspiration.
  • Reflect on the things that are the most important.
  • Put inspiration through your brand filter.
  • Show up with confidence.
  • Personally connect with your clients.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [02:45] – We want hope and light and to know where we’re going. Tim shares how he got his inspiration from his dad.
  • [04:29] – You accelerate through inspiration. Share what you know but more than anything, inspire others.
  • [06:28] – Tim asks himself how he is serving his clients rather than how he’s serving himself. Everything he does is driven by his purpose.
  • [7:32] – We are our own greatest enemy.
  • [8:53] – There are some exaggerated fears that grow and grow during uncertain economic times.
  • [10:05] – We need to see photography as a vehicle to share a person’s story.
  • [11:47] – Competency is entry level. It’s more about exceeding expectations rather than simply meeting them.
  • [14:23] – It is important to truly personally connect with people.
  • [15:25] – Tim explains what is missing in marketing and the true enemy of high end photography. It’s not the money.
  • [17:34] – We need to reflect on what is important.
  • [20:04] – Sometimes it’s better to stay the same than it is to follow trends. Eventually, you will be the unique one.
  • [23:04] – Anytime they see a new trend that they love, Allison and Tim put that idea through their brand’s filter to see if it’s something they can use.
  • [25:33] – The more you are uniquely you, you will attract the right people to you.
  • [27:34] – Tim describes the niche and the common clients he seems to attract into his business.
  • [29:39] – The battlefield for photographers is their own minds.
  • [30:45] – Tim shares the story of how he started in his business and the maturity of his work taking its own identity.
  • [32:50] – The events of recent years have been a unique global experience. It is not just your experience.
  • [34:36] – People are attracted to those who are confident.
  • [37:14] – It is common to feel like self deprecating is a form of humility. But it actually puts your fears on someone else.
  • [38:43] – Build relationships and have the confidence to show that it isn’t about you. It’s about your client.
  • [39:47] – Don’t underestimate and undervalue what you do.

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