Peace Out 2022

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Director of Development | The ReWork
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: December 1, 2022

In our last episode of 2022, the tables are being turned with Jessica Mackey interviewing me about our year-end review at our portrait studio. 

2022 has been both an extremely busy and exhausting year but we’ve learned so much that we want to share with you all the details, both good and bad and BIG changes on the ATJ horizon that we are looking forward to in 2023.

Setting aside time to reflect is essential to starting your 2023 strong so grab your favorite beverage and listen to how we document changes we want to make throughout the year, how we are wrapping up 2022 and specific improvements we want to make moving forward. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to/about:

  • Tools to help you look back and forward 
  • What to do when everything seems out of control
  • Put your own year-end gameplan together

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [01:45] – It just seems that some years hit harder than others.
  • [02:53] – This year has been hard with more than usual going on and coming out of a pandemic, things have been extra busy.
  • [04:04] – There have been a lot of “bubbles” this year. These are new experiences to add on top of the things we do every year.
  • [05:27] – Although a hard year, there have been a lot of bright spots.
  • [07:02] – The community built around The ReWork has been one of those bright spots and an incredible, but busy, experience.
  • [09:21] – Allison keeps a notebook throughout the year with things she wants to remember to change the following year to optimize efficiency.
  • [11:47] – One thing that changed was booking indecisive clients in earlier months.
  • [14:01] – This change impacted every facet of the business in a positive way.
  • [15:40] – Communicating changes as a benefit to the client is the intentional way to make sure they’re happy with changes that also make a difference for you.
  • [17:39] – It’s easy to get into an energy rut in the busy season which might make clients feel like they are not given the attention they need.
  • [19:02] – This year, Allison feels like she took on too much. They were all good things, but it was a lot.
  • [21:01] – Find the things that help you keep going and manage your mental health.
  • [22:40] – We can control some things, but there are things that happen that are completely out of our control.
  • [24:23] – Allison finally feels that she has the perfect team for ATJ Photography. 
  • [26:55] – Surrendering something every year has helped team members grow.
  • [29:00] – A beautiful part of this podcast is that everyone will pull out the things they need as unique business owners.
  • [30:01] – Allison lists the things to do between now and the beginning of 2023.

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