Crafting a Stellar Client Experience

Guest: Auburn Jones

Personal Assistant & Client Care | DeCesare Design Group
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: October 20, 2022

Auburn Jones is head of client experience at DeCesare Design Group, a high-end, turnkey design firm that spends months and years on each individual project. Rather than approaching those relationships from a place of business, they instead make it a point to understand, celebrate, and commemorate the details of each family. 

Gift giving is an extremely rewarding practice to incorporate into your business. Not just because it helps you build lasting client relationships, but also because it’s a skill that will help in every relationship you have. 

The most important thing to remember is that the gifts you give should be personalized to each client. Which means it’s your job to keep track of the little things that light your clients up. 

Auburn is a treasure trove of information on how to keep track of information, source products, and add those finishing touches that make each gift so special. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep track of little details about your clients to elevate your gifting skills
  • Think of thoughtful gifts that incorporate the whole family
  • Insert personalization into every client gift you give
  • Create a system for filing away information about your clients as your relationship grows
  • Re-evaluate the gifting process and the purpose behind it

This episode will give you unique client gift ideas as we move into the holiday season and the new year.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [01:19] – Auburn Jones is an expert in crafting a stellar client experience and she’s sharing her brilliance with us. 
  • [03:28] – Listen as Auburn shares her background and story. 
  • [04:52] – Where does their client experience philosophy stem from? 
  • [07:40] – How do they track the events in their clients’ lives? 
  • [08:16] – Things they gift to their new clients who are finally breaking ground. 
  • [10:38] – The groundbreaking is a huge celebration and they make it into an event. 
  • [12:27] – Learn how Auburn keeps track of what the kids like, the family likes, and the little details that make all the difference.
  • [15:14] – How they manage to infuse design into all of the gifts they give. 
  • [17:33] – What they did for the clients when the world shut down due to Covid. 
  • [19:55] – The philosophy they use as they approach holidays. 
  • [22:16] – Why personalization is key.
  • [25:15] – Another amazing client gift idea.
  • [27:17] – Auburn’s advice for everyone as they approach building client relationships.
  • [30:17] – The true purpose of the gifting experience in business and life. 
  • [33:09] – Your homework for next year as you learn about and work with your clients. 

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