Success is Possible for YOU

Guest: Jeff Dachowski

Co-Owner | Dachowski Photography
Bedford, New Hampshire

DATE: October 13, 2022

Today’s episode is a joint pep talk for photographers with my friend, Jeff Dachowski, a portrait photographer from New Hampshire.In addition to creating beautiful portraits, he is also the current President of Professional Photographers of America.

Running a portrait business isn’t easy and, as creatives, you can let your fears erode your confidence until it seems that success is in the cards for everyone BUT you.

Jeff has spent the last year traveling all over the US talking to photographers just like you about their struggles and successes, the ups and downs, the highs and lows that we all experience as entrepreneurs. 

He brings his down-to-earth sense of humor to encourage and inspire you to keep going in pursuit of your dreams.  

This episode is devoted to helping you turn your failures into progress and shift your mindset to rock-solid belief in your abilities and the value you bring to your clients. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make a plan and believe that you can do it.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection.
  • Make changes in your business confidently.
  • Stop getting sucked into the negativity of others.
  • Excavate fear and find your confidence.

This episode will give you a boost as you head into the busy portrait season.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:53] – Jeff shares the current state of the industry and recent announcements.
  • [4:14] – One of the biggest problems in this industry is when people don’t believe in themselves.
  • [6:28] – There are many real things to worry about, but if there is a level of self-belief, success is much more attainable.
  • [9:10] – Clients prefer to work with people who are confident and not bemoaning the state of the industry.
  • [11:01] – Figure out a way to believe in the value of your service and how to make it more valuable to your client. 
  • [12:49] – Jeff shares what happened when he decided to quit shooting weddings.
  • [14:56] – Put your head there and believe it’s possible to make changes and continue to have a thriving business.
  • [16:16] – You are the author of your own business.
  • [17:49] – You have to make the plan and then believe you can do it.
  • [19:50] – Jeff admits his fear in the beginning of raising prices.
  • [21:19] – If you haven’t raised your prices—now is the time. .
  • [23:57] – Never take advice from someone who isn’t where you want to be. This includes friends and family, especially if they are not supportive.
  • [25:20] – If someone thinks you are too expensive, that’s okay. You can accept that they are not your client.
  • [28:17] – There’s inspiration and motivation everywhere.
  • [29:22] – Learning and seeking knowledge is great, but staying too long  in that mode can delay progress.
  • [31:01] – If you want to master something, including believing in yourself, it takes practice and repetition.
  • [32:36] – The fear of rejection can be debilitating, but no matter what, you will experience rejection and you’ll survive it. 
  • [36:06] – By focusing on the value you provide keeps the focus less on price.
  • [38:11] – when making change in your business, first mitigate the downside.
  • [38:54] – Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into other people’s fear, especially on social media.
  • [41:28] – Many times when we don’t know why a client didn’t book us, we make up stories that are usually much more extreme than the truth.
  • [44:10] – You can make changes in your business a little at a time.
  • [45:50] – Allison shares a way she tricks her brain to put big fears to rest.
  • [47:30] – Jeff’s game: “Which is more likely?” He uses to change his outlook.
  • [50:08] -Pick up the phone!  You owe it to people who have not booked with you, but expressed the need for your service, to follow up with them.
  • [53:04] -WHY NOT YOU? You can be successful.
  • [55:09] – There are ways you can deconstruct the lofty goal you have.
  • [56:19] – Jeff shares his final thoughts and words of wisdom.

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