Training Your Clients Part 3: Retraining Existing Clients

Guest: Jessica Mackey

Director of Development | The ReWork
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: September 29, 2022

We’ve already worked on checking our messaging and taking a step back to retrain ourselves, so in today’s Part 3 of the Training Your Clients series, we’re discussing how to retrain your existing clients. 

Jessica Mackey joins again to conduct a few role plays in this episode as she shares some of the experiences here at Allison Tyler Jones Photography. It is no secret that changes have been made to the business over time, so how do Jessica and I work with existing clients to keep them on board?

Your business is something that will change and evolve over time. This is not a bad thing! But how can you get your best clients to join you in this process? By remembering that the changes are made for their benefit!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make changes from a positive place instead of a place of fear
  • Communicate changes to existing clients clearly
  • Avoid over-explaining and becoming defensive
  • Implement a solid consultation process

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:20] – Your business is something that will change and evolve over time.
  • [4:01] – Some choose to honor past practices to avoid pushing away existing clients. But it can cause resentment.
  • [5:05] – Jessica and Allison conduct a role play conversation about offering digital files.
  • [6:10] – If you are making the change as a hard stop, it is very hard.
  • [7:32] – When changing prices, avoid over-explaining and being defensive.
  • [9:02] – If it has been a while since a client has been in and there have been changes they don’t know about, treat them as a new client.
  • [10:40] – Train your clients’ brains that a consultation is important.
  • [11:58] – What can you say to a client who is not interested in a consultation?
  • [13:59] – Consultations open the door to relationship building and getting the hard questions out of the way.
  • [15:40] – Clients should have a very clear idea of what they are spending from the beginning.
  • [16:51] – What happens when we make fear based changes?
  • [19:00] – If we take that same energy and focus on the best clients, the changes will be positive for them and your business.
  • [20:08] – If we listen, we will hear that clients may just be confused.
  • [22:06] – The next part of this series is about setting yourself up for success.

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