Pricing in Uncertain Times

With Allison Tyler Jones

Owner| ATJ Photo & The ReWork
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: August 25, 2022

Running your own business is not for the faint of heart in the best of times. Add in a pandemic, inflation, wars and uncertainty and it’s a recipe for fear and anxiety.

So, consider this episode as your own personal ATJ pep-talk all about pricing, even in uncertain times.

Putting a price on your work is one of the most challenging parts of the portrait business but it can feel especially hard right now, when we are worried that changing anything could cause us to lose clients.

In this episode I’ll explore things you can do to help with pricing while also making sure that your clients are getting exactly what they want and need and the absolute best experience you’re able to offer.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Check in on your current mindset
  • Recognize the mindshifts you need to make about pricing
  • Make a plan
  • Put the plan into action

You pour your heart and soul into your work, your art. Make it worth it and charge what it is worth. Believe it or not, your clients will thank you. Why? Because the best clients for your business want a better service, not a cheaper one. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:15] – When we are feeling down, we tend to feel like everyone is feeling that way. The same is true about feeling generous.
  • [3:27] – Take a deep breath. You are here.
  • [5:09] – We want to make positive changes in our business and give the most amazing services, but we also live in a world full of threats.
  • [6:06] – The most vital asset in our business is our mental energy.
  • [7:10] – What is good in your life right now? Protect your mindset.
  • [8:37] – Are you focusing on things you can control or cannot control? Fear comes from focusing on things we can’t control.
  • [10:29] – Clients get excited when we talk about the possibilities rather than the pricing.
  • [11:57] – The lower the price, the more you resent your clients.
  • [12:42] – When you focus on providing the best service you can, which is something you can control, the less fearful you will be.
  • [13:49] – Don’t concentrate on what your clients can and can’t afford. Concentrate instead on giving them what they need and what they want.
  • [14:48] – When making a plan, focus on your best client, not what everyone else is doing in their business.
  • [16:16] – If you couldn’t talk about price at all, what would you talk about?
  • [17:57] – In an uncertain world, be the consistent person that is there for your clients.
  • [19:31] – After a hard year last year, Allison is booking clients earlier for holiday cards so they don’t run into the problem again.
  • [20:53] – Take control and solve problems before they happen.
  • [21:51] – Once you have a pricing plan in place, don’t look back.
  • [23:40] – You pour yourself into your work. Make it worth it and charge what it’s worth.

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