Bringing Clients Back

Guest: Kathryn Langsford

Owner of Photos by Kathryn
Vancouver, Canada

DATE: June 30, 2022

Picture this: You meet a potential client, they love you, you love them; the consultation is a dream, the portrait session, even better!

And the images? #dead

They cry, they buy and everyone’s happy.

And then…..you never hear from them again.

Sound at all familiar? 

Is there something missing in the process? Don’t they know we want them to come back? If you have clients who’ve been MIA for awhile, now is the time to get them back and in and there’s no better person in the world to help you do that than today’s guest, Kathryn Langsford. 

Our favorite, Kathryn Langsford, joins the podcast today to share a marketing idea that has helped her bring back clients she hasn’t seen for awhile. Yes, even the clients she might not have seen in a few years. 

A strategy that reminds clients that you’re still here and puts you top of mind when they know they are ready for portraits.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the ideal past clients to reach out to
  • Craft your own “It’s Been a While” message
  • Use different methods of contact like email, text, and social media

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:36] – Kathryn calls this strategy “it’s been a while.”
  • [3:37] – Kathryn went through her past clients, even clients who haven’t been back in a couple of years. She describes the questions she asked herself about each of them.
  • [4:16] – She then pulls their file, chooses a photo that they didn’t order and puts together a brief email.
  • [5:39] – In using this strategy, make it casual but give a call to action.
  • [6:52] – As a result, Kathryn schedules 10 or more client appointments.
  • [7:52] – Sometimes, clients will say they got busy and wanted to come in and they were thankful for the reminder.
  • [8:57] – This is even a strategy that could be used by text.
  • [9:58] – You could even use Instagram and tag the client.
  • [12:30] – Kathryn has also found it a great strategy to follow clients on social media and comment on their photos of how much their kids have grown.
  • [14:08] – Allison did a similar tactic, but shares how she used her physical printer to run her campaign.
  • [15:51] – As a result, Allison was able to schedule 3 clients.
  • [16:32] – This strategy has shown success and although it may seem like a lot of up front work, it is worth it.

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