A Fab First Phone Call

Guest: Kaitlyn Beagley

Client Coordinator | ATJ Photo
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: June 16, 2022

Taking client phone calls can feel stressful.

You want to make a good impression, while also gathering information and determining if you will be a good fit for their project. 

When you have more experience with client conversations, it’s easy to forget just how hard you worked to get comfortable taking calls and walking clients through your  process. 

That’s why we knew now would be the perfect time to bring ATJ’s newest Client Coordinator, Kaitlyn Beagley, onto the podcast to talk about her process for learning and strengthening her first contact with potential clients. 

Having been on the ATJ team for less than a year, Kaitlyn  is still in the trenches and understands the fears you need to overcome to create a fabulous first phone call for yourself and the client.

Kaitlyn’s experience and advice will help you take your client contact to the next level, even if they don’t book a session, this level of customer service and attention will make potential clients feel seen, heard and a little bit spoiled. 

And if they do book, it starts the relationship off right and sets you up for success!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use a booking form to gather information for yourself and the client
  • Begin developing a client relationship from the very first phone call
  • Schedule multiple appointments at one time
  • Improve your skills through self-development and reflection
  • Create crystal clear expectations with clients over the phone

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:28] – Welcome to the show, Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is the youngest and newest member of ATJ Photography.
  • [3:44] – Starting out as a client, Kaitlyn shares what surprised her when working behind the scenes.
  • [5:35] – When starting in this new position, Kaitlyn observed phone calls and explains how she took notes to learn.
  • [6:27] – You can download the booking form that ATJ Photography uses that guides you through the booking phone call.
  • [8:10] – Sometimes, Kaitlyn also records her own phone calls to review on her own to improve.
  • [9:28] – When speaking with potential clients, begin with the end in mind.
  • [11:19] – The first phone call is not only an interview with you as a service provider, but for us to interview them.
  • [12:28] – Even if a client doesn’t book after the first call, they need to feel that they were heard. It is the start of a relationship.
  • [13:41] – Be clear and kind. Stop and smile before you answer the phone.
  • [15:09] – People can tell if you are not truly listening.
  • [17:54] – During the first call, Kaitlyn books three appointments at one time – the consultation, the shoot, and the viewing.
  • [19:09] – Kaitlyn begins with scheduling the photo session.
  • [21:18] – Allison has enough information on the booking form to have a foundation with the client without having to start the conversation over.
  • [23:20] – When talking about pricing, Kaitlyn starts with a bottom pricing to let clients know what it will be at the least.
  • [24:40] – If you are a solopreneur, you can use the booking form as a phone consultation.
  • [26:27] – The booking form is an excellent guide and if you’re asked a question you are unsure how to answer, pause and let them know.
  • [28:18] – Don’t just assume the client can talk if they answer the phone. Strike when the iron is hot and know that they have a few minutes to talk about their project.
  • [30:02] – The booking form has been updated, so even if you’ve already downloaded it in the past, double check that you have the most recent one.

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