The Beauty of Expertise

Guest: Rechelle Trejo

Owner | Auri Aesthetics
Gilbert, Arizona

DATE: May 12, 2022

What do the businesses of aesthetics and portrait photography have in common? 

You might be surprised. 

In fact, many of the most valuable business insights I have gained through the years, have come from outside the portrait industry and that’s exactly why I think you are going to love today’s guest. 

Rechelle Trejo is the owner of Auri Aesthetics in Gilbert, Arizona. Rechelle is a registered nurse by education and since 2003 has become one of the most in demand aestheticians in our area as well as a highly sought after trainer of aestheticians worldwide. 

Rechelle founded Auri Aesthetics in 2020 to create an innovative space where non-surgical treatments are prioritized. Her passion in this field is working with individual patients to create customized plans so they can achieve their aesthetic dreams in a natural and beautiful way.

What shines through in this conversation with Rechelle is her confidence and pride in what she does. Rechelle is the expert and through a detailed consultation process, she is able to guide clients and patients in getting the most beautiful results. Often the results are beyond what patients even thought possible. 

When it comes to your photography business, the same is true. You are the trusted advisor and you can create absolutely beautiful results that your client might never have thought fathomable. With Rechelle’s guidance, you can learn how to leverage your expertise with client expectations and build the expert reputation you deserve.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a consultation process that guides your clients to find exactly what they want and need.
  • Solve problems and answer questions before your client even asks.
  • Create a comfortable and trusting relationship between yourself and your clients.
  • Use specific information to drive decision making in your business and with each individual client.
  • Build your reputation through confidence and expertise.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [2:17] – Welcome to the show, Rechelle! Rechelle shares her background and what led her to aesthetics.
  • [4:10] – Rechelle was able to combine her desire to create beauty with her nursing degree.
  • [5:19] – The name of Rechelle’s business is Auri Aesthetics.
  • [7:02] – Everything in the business, down to the name and brand, has been very intentional.
  • [8:02] – When injecting, Rechelle looks at lights and shadows, similar to a photographer.
  • [9:45] – We all want to feel good about how we look.
  • [10:48] – Rechelle admits that she is not the cheapest and it was not a difficult decision to price her services. How does she find patients?
  • [12:50] – Allison describes her experience with Auri Aesthetics.
  • [15:03] – In Allison’s experience, Rechelle brought up concerns and answered questions before they were even asked.
  • [16:10] – It is important to be honest and up front about things that could happen and offer a solution and plan for each one.
  • [18:03] – Rechelle describes how she launched this business and used specific information to drive decision making.
  • [19:59] – When it comes to leading a team, acknowledge that you don’t know everything.
  • [20:40] – A consultation is a crucial piece to Rechelle’s business and she avoids being too overwhelming.
  • [22:01] – The consultation is important in creating a step by step plan.
  • [23:12] – Be the trusted advisor. Be the expert. It is okay to tell a client what they need and say no if what they are asking for is not in their best interest.
  • [25:03] – Sometimes patients and clients want everything, but they don’t need it. There is a time where they need to be told no.
  • [28:08] – What it comes down to, is trust.
  • [29:45] – What happens when we run into micromanagement?
  • [32:17] – The longer you are in the business and your reputation is established, challenging clients are not as common.
  • [34:05] – It isn’t just about the time you invest in a single project that goes into your pricing. Your training and expertise increase your value.
  • [36:40] – Rechelle shares how a photo’s pose that she initially said she wouldn’t like, turned out to be the most valuable photo taken.
  • [38:27] – Visit Rechelle’s website and instagram linked below to see how she educates her clients.

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