Sales Sabotage and What To Do About It Part Three – Product

Allison Tyler Jones

Owner | ATJ Photo
Mesa, Arizona

DATE: April 28, 2022

Today’s episode finishes up our Sales Sabotage Series with an emphasis on intentionally creating products that serve your clients and business instead of sabotaging your sales. 

So, if the goal is to serve, not sabotage, where do we go wrong? Sometimes the products we offer to our clients are unintentionally sabotaging our brand and our bottom line. Maybe we selected our products based on a special our lab was offering. More often, we created our product line up based on what every other photographer is doing. 

In this episode of The Rework, we’re taking a closer look at intentionally developing products that are:

  • Consistent with your brand
  • Easy for your clients to understand and most importantly,
  • Products that are profitable for your portrait business. 

Every photographer will have a different take on the best product mix for their own business so it is important to run your products through your Brand Filter. Get a pad and pencil or grab your phone to take notes, because in this episode we’ll work through some actionable steps to take to help you narrow down your likes and dislikes to better develop a product mix that matches you and your style. You’ll learn about what my brand offers in products, how to avoid confusing presentation, and ultimately serve your clients without sabotaging yourself.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [1:39] – Is your product mix intentional, consistent, easy to understand, and most importantly, profitable?
  • [2:54] – Ask yourself the important questions to envision exactly what you want your work to look like and what your client needs. Sometimes you need to start with what you don’t like.
  • [5:20] – What is consistent with your brand and your work? There should be a reason you are offering these products.
  • [8:08] – Avoid being like the Applebee’s or Cheesecake Factory menu that’s too busy and confusing. Think spare, clean, and high-end.
  • [9:54] – Take a hard look at your pricing and pay attention to the cost changes that are happening as a result of the pandemic and supply chain issues.
  • [11:17] – Do you have the right product mix to accomplish the sales average you are trying to create? Visualize the ideal sale.
  • [13:07] – By knowing your ideal sale, it is easier to focus on the products that represent your brand the best and are the most profitable.
  • [15:10] – Add new products and remove the ones that are not brand-consistent or profitable.

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